Testing quality of distallite in cartridges

I have bought about 10 carts so far off the street plan on buying 10 more and I’m interested in getting them lab tested wondering what kinda cutting agents if any and what the average quality of the distallite is in all these full gram cartridges. Predominantly filled in either knock off ccells or Jupiter ccells. Also lots of dank vapes, smartcarts, dabwoods, Mario carts, cookie carts and Eureka carts being sold on the streets. The dude who is making the cookie carts and Eureka admitted to me that they are knock offs and not real Eureka or Cookie carts but he said he doesn’t add any terps no cutting agents, no flavor profile what so ever. He said he is grabbing cat 3 liters from Cali for 6,750 and only 2 at a time. For science purposes what would the proper place be too test for this? I’m in Arizona if that helps

This is kind of like asking mcdonald’s what’s in their beef.

My take:

There are some people(like me) that really care what’s in there and it’s not about profit margin over quality. Unfortunately most people don’t get to control the quality or they pay so much for distillate, they have to cut it. I’m a firm believer in NO CUTTERS. Just terps. They will cut enough.

What could be added?

Most people getting traditional market distillate are buying it untested with regards to pesticides. They usually only care about THC content.

  • pesticides above ca limit
  • cutters in mct or terpene format
  • terpenes

Those are the basics. As for the labs, Im sure there are some in AZ, not sure if they will just accept.


Appreciate your input thank you!

you’re most welcome and welcome!

Another quick question, i thought I read on here somewhere that most cartridges need terps to thin the distallite out is this true? Is thin watery distallite in carts a direct sign of cutting additives or too much terps?

If it’s real watery it’s a sign that there’s a cutter in there. In my carts you can’t see the bubble move.(it moves but so slow you can’t tell it’s moving) I cut with 6-7% terpenes.

terpenes are important for many reasons (entourage effect ,taste), but if you have the right cart hardware, they are not necessary.


You will need a full analytical lab and not just a cannabis lab if you want to identify everything. The regular lab will be able to do Cannabinoids and terpenes, and maybe some other stuff. But identifying the cuts is beyond their expertise. You need a lab that also does cannabis and not one that only does cannabis.


I add 5% terps and its still wont move when turned upside down. If yours move and appear runny or liquidy there cut in them, unless hes using a high % of terps. Test for potency it will give tou a good and cheap place to start. But you would need a full lab test to tell you everything thats in them if there is a cut