Test results for West Coast Vape carts

These are the results I was given for the carts I work with. Only distillate I felt safe still carrying as I trusted the source.
People have been asking for test results and the manufacturer was asked and they allegedly provided these.
The delta 9 and total THC numbers dont make sense to me unless there is a ton of delta 8, delta 10, or I am just ignorant and missing something.
Want to make sure these are legit test results, it’s from a smaller company who is trying to make a name selling a reputable product and the packaging is not sold online, that is a great starting point, just need to make sure the product is actually what is on tests before I show the test to people.


Call the lab and provide the sample number and ask for a copy of the CoA


Definitely planning on doing that tomorrow, just got these this evening. Thanks :grin:
Was guessing that was the play to verify, anyone got opinions on the THC levels?

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Lol at 93% in a cart

Odd timing…

Also I don’t see how those can be accurate test results, if even real. How do you get 93% when you have less than a unit of quantification of D9, .98 THCa and they’ve even quantified D8 as a minor cannabinoid on this report and show that as none detected.


You for sure have delta 8 in there, idk what else it could be

D10 would show up as CBC.

Btw how the fuck do you distill and have THCA left?

That’s a new one.

I’d maybe try a new testing lab if they’re saying theres thc A in your disty

Yea those results are weird.

Definetly something weird going on at that lab.

No D8, D10 or CBC and no CBN really. Usually when d8 or d10 is made you have atleast 2% cbn if not more.


With a wiped film, there’s a thread about it here somewhere… Acidic cannabinoids can be distilled with low enough vacuum, temperature, and residence time.


I’d like to point out in that link I posted West Coast Vape Carts are explicitly implicated as a part of the issue.

“Health officials have confirmed that among the tainted carts are ones with the brand names Chronic Carts, Dank Vapes, and West Coast Carts, but the condition is linked to multiple illicit market brands across multiple states.”

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Youd have some delta 9 then though.

I guarantee that’s not what’s going on here


These are the brand I am talking about, probably different than the west coast vapes mentioned on leafly, it’s a relatively small company from my understanding 20190719_144402|375x500

Those are fake COA’s and those are BM carts. I GUARANTEE IT.


Yeah these make no sense… D8 and D9 are ND and below LOQ…But total THC over 90%? all other cannabinoids under 1%… Looks fishy.
They even have their Total THC formula on there like most labs do. D9+(THCA*0.87)… But then D9 says below LOQ. I’d call the lab.

93% is definitely doable.

I dunno I always have between .25 and .5 % thcA showup in labs. I always just assumed it was a terp that flashed off similarly.

ThcA almost urrytime :man_shrugging:t2:


Total cannabinoids is not the same as thc and whos putting distillate without terps in a cart? Id question your labs calibration with thca so close to loq. Thca should be all gone at distillation temps.

Distillate is sent to the lab before you mix your terps and fill your carts. If you look at the OP’s fake COA’s you’ll notice for “Concentrate” they put cartridge. :man_facepalming:

Exactly my point. Coa doesnt represent whats in the cart. At best it represents what someone delivered to the lab. And that’s questionable.

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You have d9 though

They have thc a and no d9 in some of those