Terps before extraction


Is there a solid method for terp collection BEFORE extraction for cannabinoids?
That’s scale of say 100Lbs at a time or more?


Deep vacuum and warm nitrogen backfill to evap off a chunk.

Run subcritical co2 system to collect turps.

Some light hydrocarbon extraction (not too sure what blends, I think propane is big in the blend)


All of which will need tubes to handle the solvent of choice and pressure/negative pressure needed.


Sounds like if I’m doing EtOH extraction I’m gonna have to continue extracting terps post crude oil.

I was hoping steam distillation would work efficiently but im not seeing that as a very viable or quality first step.
Gum issues etc.
Guess I’ll keep the old distillation separation

What about placing EtOH / crude solution under vacuum in the rotovap and playing with temperatures to control the viscosity of the oil
and gassing with nitrogen or an inert gas??
Would that have any chance of grabbing terpenes along for the ride?


I’ve made a couple of these threads trying to answer the same question :stuck_out_tongue:

Adsorbent with highest affinity for turpenes

This should help enforce the above options.

I was gonna run an Ethanol sample by a lab to see what turps get stuck in there. Then see what method (nitrogen/co2) snags those ones out first.


Moving my lab to a new building so in the next few weeks I should be back with r&d

Let the goods rip :sunglasses::call_me_hand: