terps added to hash before rosin pressing..

just thinking about stuff… with these amazing samples of terpenes I got from @xtralaboratories … I was thinking of adding just a drop or 2 to a few gs of some nice granimals hash i have that I want to give that squish treatment. the hash itself has an amazing flavor profile already but its from a bit older material (about 7 8 months old) so its not truly fullmelt, but now that it’s dried and cured for about a month I think a drop of terps would absorb into it pretty nicely. if I were to try that then press it into rosin do you guys think it’ll fuck up the press? (too oily n runny) or possibly even just evap off from the heat of the plate? I’m thinking that if it did work without an issue, the terps would be even more pronounced, like fully saturated thru the rosin as opposed to just lining/ being stirred in… or would it just bake off n be a waste? I would try it, I’m not worried about fuckin up a few gs of hash, I’m more concerned with wasting the terps lol… but yeah just some high thoughts i figured id run by yall see what the consensus is

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Most likely increase extraction efficiency. Terpenes are a solvent. Pressure+heat will increase solubility and help pull out more cannabinoids


I thought that too, like I’ve heard it said to rehydrate some drier buds for a better press, so I figured that they may help move the oils out quicker or whatever, but yeah my main concern is boiling off the terps or losing taste… if I do press it imma only go at like 150° 160° tops… jw if anyone here has tried it or heard any advice on the matter

Yes I’ve done it don’t use too much. I read a good tek yesterday for hydrating your material evenly for terps. It’s like the old tortilla in the turkey bag tek. Add a drop or 2 of terpenes to your material and seal in a jar. Too much terpenes will create a harsh liquid solution of oil aka sauce


now when you say add a drop or 2 to material n seal it, do you mean add the terps to the hash i want to press into rosin, or are you just saying for adding terps to already pressed out rosin?

Depends on your goal, if you add it to the pre Press, you will have a greater extraction power but that may also mean pulling more undesirables

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Do you have any updates on the outcome, and were the terps natural?

I did this last year.

It comes out runnier even when small amounts are applied and the parchment paper deteriorates a bit. You can see through it more and it rips easily when you’re collecting the rosin. After that I decided it’s probably not safe.

As for stirring them into your rosin after, that works fine. Just do it in a glass jar, not on parchment paper. There are better ways to rehydrate material


Added a few drops of terps from a htfse run into rosin the other day. They were added in after the press, the rosin went from a budder into sugar. I think a big jar of rosin plus terps and heat cycling would have great results


Thanks for sharing @stoopkid

Whats ur squish parameters? Every time I try this it’s awful. I mean rosin in general. That’s super clean to sugar up w extra terps and beautiful color.

I’m dabbing some live rosin from ATM from dank czar

I’ll have to admit. First rosin I’ve ever liked, but cost to much. I just wanna climb inside the jar and live. Pineapple creme. I just wanna make something close

That was just flower rosin pressed at 190 for a few mins I believe. A homie of mine got a new press and wanted to dial in so I tossed him bud. I typically only make rosin with my dry sift, that’s what comes out best for me. That hash looks gas tho! I get real similar consistencies to that from my melt friends