Terpenes/terpenoids and essential oils

Just got an interesting article from seedman with some white paper links that I thought you guys would be interested in. some comparisons of dominant terpenes/terpenoids in different chemovars vs their essential oils, namely.



Im not educated in terpenes or they use, I understand the basic of what they are.
Would i be correct in thinking you can re-create the taste of all the given strains listed by introducing the correct ratio of of the listed terpenes to distillate ?
Also wouldn’t all this data depend on the quality, phenotype, age of the extracted cannabis ?
As i’m about to start making distillate I find this very interesting indeed.

In short, yes. There are other things apart from terps that add flavor.

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Oh, but there’s so much more to them than just flavor and aroma. Terpenes have medical benefits of their own that enhance and are enhanced by the synergistic effects of the cannabinoids. Some cannabis terpenes have documented effects on cancers and my own anecdotal observations back it up.

Humulene, beta-caryophyllene and limonene have documented research for these properties as well as others. Humulene and b-caryophyllene together have properties that seems to specifically target pancreatic cancer. Humulene is shown to be effective on cervical cancer, limonene for prostate. Of course, not solely but playing a role.

I believe in the healing properties of tepenes so much that I add them to my oils and tinctures when I’m looking for certain health benefits since the natural terps are mostly lost through a raw decarb. But even if I’ve retained my natural terpenes through a natural decarb process or if I’m using a distillate with minimal terpenes, I will add a 5% proprietary terpene blend for cancer, ALS, MS or other heavy load.

I’ve been making a high dose CBD oil for the last few years for my friends and their families with some of the ailments listed above. The type of CBD product used each time was different as the market progressed after legalization. First was full spectrum, filtered and cleaned then a broad spectrum, no THC, distillate and the last time was full extract, “crude” as they call it here and which I prefer for full benefits. But the only thing these had in common was my terpene formula.

I’ll get to the point. I have a friend with “terminal” pancreatic cancer. She’s beyond chemo and had given up. I gave her my high dose terpene CBD oil and immediately, within days, she was up and at 'em which left her doctors amazed. Let’s cut ahead over the three years since. She was doing fine and her cancer was not spreading and her health was improving. Then she ran out. And didn’t tell me. I found out that she was on death’s door again and rushed her some more oil and the same thing happened, great immediate improvement. But she keeps running out and is too embarrassed to ask for more. 4 times overall this has happened with the last one being fairly recent. Each time she gets better and the only thing that has remained constant is the terpenes.

Sorry for the long story there but I just wanted to illustrate some of the benefits. Just_Cuz_06 (2015_10_01 04_32_03 UTC)


Thank you for taking the time to type it all out. Research into terpenes is my next endevour.
I hope the best for you friend and that the supply never runs out ! :heart:


Love the terp talk. We use our GC for identification of terps in all out strains. For the most part we limit it to the top ten when people ask for the dominant terps but 9/10 of those terps are mono terps. The sesqui terps have so many more and I believe they need to be investigated more thoroughly for their medical benefits as well. I remember reading in the Wolf Den that lots of the smells and tastes you love and know from cannabis dont really even come from terps rather other molecules produced by the plant. I wish I could remember what they were. Now I need to go back and dig them up. @Izambard_K_Brunel You can try and recreate all strains by doing this but there are so many different terps in one strain/phenotype that in order to get it exactly the same you would need more than 100 terps and still it would not be exactly the same. I remember @THChemist mixed together a few terps that I had looked up profiles for and for 3 of them it was the same 3 terps just in different ratios. They all smelled vastly different.


This is what i thought.

The best you can hope for is to recreate a “Sativa” high or “Indica” high. That being said we did recreate a Papaya OG and I must say that was extremely delicious and gives a great high. That being said I’m going to puff on the one I have right now. Cheers!


Well, if you read the articles posted you’ll see a bit of a window into the complication of both an attempt to recreate a strains flavour as well as the complication of flavour/smell elements in Cannabis. In short, there are terpenes/terpenoids, flavonoids, ketones, esters, ethers, alkanes, alcohols, as well as combinations of these (eg. linalool is a terpene and an alcohol) and possibly even thiols/mercaptans, though this has never been conclusively tested for to my knowledge. read the article, and read the main white paper they are drawing from for this article if you are interested in this subject; these other compounds include very many with known medicinal effects as well.


Excellent article


thanks for sharing @peasandlovage and @PSam

@PSam does the CBD oil you make have any THC in it? My mother in law just got diagnosed with cancer recently. And I know she would never even consider THC. But CBD is a possibility with how much more mainstream it’s becoming.

I’ve made it with a full spectrum crude twice that contained about 2% THC and ~62% CBD. Once it’s formulated with the terpenes and diluted to 60mg/ml it’s compliant (I think) with the law. It’s a little less than 2mg/ml and 60mg/mg CBD. It can’t be detected by anyone who’s used it and they are mostly THC teetotalers.

full spec day

I also used a broad spectrum distillate with no THC and the terpene blends and it seemed to work as well for them.
Broad Spec day

I personally prefer the full extract crude otherwise I don’t mess with CBD for myself. The terpenes and other plant compounds make a difference for me. I make it for a family dealing with cancer and ALS and long term anti-drug sentiment and they’ve stuck with it.


I may just have to get some CBD crude for them. Her brother also has some type of colon cancer and is starting to look frail. These are not the kind of folks that would ever touch “pot” but hopefully I can get them to understand the power of the medicine.

Thanks for giving me an idea on where to start. :green_heart: :alien:

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At the time you had to have a business in order to purchase it but it didn’t have to be a cannabis business. Just a tax number. Now that hemp has been fully legalized it has opened things up considerably. I would expect that these folks here could hook you up with some decent crude with COA. I’m thinking about it myself.

I found this set of dilution calculators to be invaluable. dragon (2015_10_01 04_32_03 UTC)


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love hearing of this, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work !

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I’d be happy to share my general formulation and other aspects of terpene enhanced tinctures I’ve encountered. It’s the terpenes that everything circles around and not the cannabinoids. The cannabinoid ratio would be determined by circumstances at hand whether it’s all THC or CBD or a blend of all the new cannabinoids included. It’s the terpenes that are going to influence how they all synergize.

I’m an open source kind of guy and I don’t mind sharing my experiences with anyone interested. I’ve seen the effects up close and personal with more than one acquaintance repeatedly. There’s not a lot being done on this and there is so much knowledge to be learned. dragon (2015_10_01 04_32_03 UTC)