Terpenes by %

So I have been thinking about the % of terpenes that are infused into distillate to make carts. The majority are adding anywhere from 5% to 15% into their blends when making carts. That I know of there are no studies on the effects of terpene vaping. A recent post about smoking flower compared to concentrates got me thing about concentration levels. I’m going to use easy numbers to keep it simple for this example. If I was to run a 1kg extraction(trim) the yield would would be approximately 100g’s of concentrate. Of the 100g’s depending on strain the yield is 7-14% Terps. Using 10% as my average that gives me 11.70g’s of terpenes which is an average for what is added to a L of disty. At these numbers what it seems is you are smoking the same amount of Terps found in a G of flower/cart, .0117g. Is this correct or am I off here?


Not technically vaping, but, inhalation exposure.

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Seems correct to me little on the high side for flower but yes


I used my numbers from past COA’s. This was from trim that I ran thru the CRC.


Yes i can see those numbers for terpenes on a extract bho/pho
But straight dry Flower i find in my reports around 7/8% terp or lower

Guys we’ve done between 60 and 100 terpene extractions they all range in yield between less than 1% and the highest was 3% but usually less than 1.5


My average for the past 65 batches is 8.35%, the highest being 16.94% and the lowest being 1.33%.

Edit: Over the past 275 batches, average is 7.46%, highest being 21.4% and lowest is 1.2%.

These percentages represent percentage of the crude.


Yes @betroit is right about the terpene
Content of dry Flower 0.5/3 %
My 7.2 % is of a freeze dryied sample
And done by a lab that is very modest if accurate at all :laughing:

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My numbers are similar to @Betroit and @ExTek90, although we occasionally see higher terpene yields and higher % terpenes in crude from nicer input material.

We also have farms, and typically our greenhouse flower (which we think is quite fragrant and terpy) comes back between 3-5% terpene content. Highest I’ve seen on a flower CoA was 8% but I think that it was a fluke lol.

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I personally use 2%- I find a better flavor with it not being over powered by limonene.

So if your turbine content comes back between 3-5% is that based on an analysis of the dry flower

And if it is then what percentage are you able to extract off of the biomass

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Yes, that 3-5% is terpene content by weight of the dry flower. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but if we are using full flower we typically see around a 3% yield by weight as clear gold terpenes. Some strains have put out as high as 4% or 5% but those are few and far between. We typically run a mixture of popcorn buds and high quality trim though, which is typically more of a 1-2% yield.

We usually yield between 75-80% of the terpene content present in the flower when we target them for extraction. It’s tough to get all of the terpene content out without pulling fats/waxes/cannabinoids, as the terpenes that make up that 3-5% dry weight of the flower cover a very large range of boiling points, molecular weights, etc. So we are usually pretty happy with what we get, it is extremely characteristic of the flower material and looks nice.

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Flower usually tests around 1-2% terps but one thing to remember is most labs are only testing for 20-30 Terpenes so there are likely other volatiles in there (terpene or non) that aren’t being considered. Highest terp result in flower I’ve ever seen by a long shot was 4.3%. Anything pushing 3% is impressive in my book. I can’t say I had any of the characteristic terpene irritation/nose burn etc associated with high terps. I imagine smoking flower loses a lot of terps to the open atmosphere versus an enclosed cartridge so it might be tough to compare smoking flower to vaping oil.

10% real cannabis derived terps is still harsh in my experience. I don’t know of people doing 15% terps in anything. When I’ve gone over 10% it was extremely runny and way too harsh.

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