Terpenes and Distillate Crystallization

Is there any recommended or advised ratio for terpenes to avoid crystallization of CBD Distillate?

max 60% cbd diluted if nessesary with whatever terps dilutant flavorless terps
All of the above


as long as your final mix contains less than around 50% cbd you should be fine.

The biggest problem people face when their cartridges crystallization at those ratios or lower is a mixing problem, not a ratio problem.

Use a homogenizer and it should completely prevent uneven mixes.

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hello hello, sorry for reviving an old topic…

need advice here as i am also struggling with T-free crystallizing CBD distillate.

so 50% CBD would most probably crystallize too?
also as for the mixing, i currently have no homogenizer, only stirrer hotplate - if i mix it longer (e.g. 24+ hrs) do you think it could help?

thanks a lot!

At 50 % crystalization starts yes
Ph if your distillate affects the speed at wich this happens
Stirring does not affect this no matter how long
Homogenizing is more often used to make immisible liquids stay mixed
But will not help in getting high % cbd from cristelizing
Agitation in general induses crystelization in cbd

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Making carts with 48% cbd and 48% cbd-a and some terps will. Give a 90+ cbd cart that does not crystelize
For some time until cbd-a decarboxilates over time for it s supposedly has a short shelf life


thanks Roguelab for the advice!

also some more questions, hopefully this doesn’t derail this thread. i’ve read here that CBDa helps in keeping CBD (distillate) in its liquid form, but does CBGa or any acidic version of cannabinoid does the same? i am currently in the process of getting my hands on CBGa isolate, and i wonder if putting it into the vape liquid i’m working on would help.

(sorry if this sounds so dumb my chemistry knowledge is basically zero.)

Sure it doesn t need to be a cannabinoid
It needs to be miscible if 2 or more solutions are mixed and none is at more than 50% present crystelization is not prone to happen
So mixing it with cbg or cbg-a will work as a solvent one to the other. And crystelization won t happen usually
Very few compounds crystelize in solution at less than 50 % but it does happen

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I’m gonna make a few cbd distillate carts.

Fingers crossed no crystals


Exactly the oil that I use is 70+% CBDa and 20% cbd and as you said no crystals

I have some cbda jarred up that is still saucy with no crystals. Been a couple/few months since extraction.

Cbd-a can crystelize ar room temp but it s not easy as is thc-a or even easyier Cbg-a
Most likely the miscibilty of certain terps
With cbd-a play a. Role in this

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