Terpene extraction

Hey guys. We have several thousand gallons of terpene infused water that was collected off of our negative pressure hemp dryer last year. We are still sitting on is as we expected it could have potential value, we have got COA for the water and it is loaded with terps. Is there any processors that you know of that can extract terps from water, or any info on making some kind of homemade filtration that could possibly work? We do have a bizzy bee falling film and several large rotovaps i thought about possibly attemping to cook the water off but I also am not sure if that is a great idea? Thanks Guys

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I guess from my personal experience, terps float on water and are not water soluble…

Is there any way to use a separatory funnel for this? If there is a suspension of terps, could the water not be frozen and seprated from the terpene?


@jay.dub13 is right with the separatory funnel. I used to separate kilos and kilos of terpene water into straight terpenes. Just make sure you centrifuge after to remove any of the nasty particulate that may be left behind.


I was actually considering getting each tote mixed up letting the terps settle to the top and then freezing it as we have a very large sub zero walk in. Good idea thank you maybe I will try a 50 gallon drum out for a test pass

Would it be possible to link a video of this beging done that way? I think I get the gist of it but if you have something I could watch it would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

separatory funnel is the correct move for separating immiscible liquids.

more importantly, how warm did this get at any point in the process? how exposed was this stuff to the atmosphere? how was it stored?

you said last year… terps will skunk in that time for sure. theyre incredibly sensitive compounds that need to be preserved in a dark cold chemically inert environment.

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I know for a fact the material got dried far to hot, around 150 degrees Fahrenheit but at a pretty fast throughput. As far as the collected water goes, it has been stored in brand new poly 270 gallon totes and in a temperature controlled room.

Unfortunately I am no longer a part of this process (new job) but hopefully this explanation will help a bit.

sep funnel

  • Pour your terpene/water mixture into the separatory funnel (it’s best to have a few sep funnels in a row for this)
  • Wait for it to settle into two discernible layers like the attached photo
  • Drain out the water until there is maybe a few centimeters left
  • Add in more terpene/water mixture
  • Repeat until the sep funnel is 50% terpenes or more
  • Drain out the remaining water, when you get to the break in between the layers, do a quick flip of the separatory funnel drain, and it should get rid of any gunk built up between layers (There might be a bit, depending on how your material was acquired)
  • Drain out terpenes into centrifuge tubes, then centrifuge them
  • After centrifuging, you may notice a small amount of water/particulate at the bottom of the centrifuge tube. Gently pour out the tube, save for the last few mL.
  • Combine tubes into bulk container.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


That works. Freeze the water and separate it right in a walk in. Hell I’ve done this with just a damn funnel and filter paper. Took a few refreezes and runs through paper but it worked great. Went from cloudy to clear and the smell didn’t degrade in the slightest.

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If you can get everything cold enough various compounds freeze at different points.


well theres only one way to find out for sure! good luck, let us know, and we want pics!

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Hmm, when I processed terp water I actually had to defrost the packages from the freezer they were stored in. They were mixed with around 50gs of salt per kilo (Don’t ask me, wasn’t my decision). All our terpene packages were just one big ice brick. Do they need to be brought down to freezing slowly?

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Wow thanks a ton! Going to order the stuff this weekend and try it out soon!


I bet reverse osmosis works great for water soluble aromatics.