Terpen Brand Comparison

Hey everyone. Just looking into new Terp company for our vape pens… I’m looking into True Terps and Floraplex. Both seem good on price for what they offer. But floraplex is half the cost of True so was wondering if the standard are the same… Floraplex has great reviews on a lot of different flavors. I’m getting samples of each so far I got True Trep and I’m very happy with the samples😄

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There’s already quite a few threads regarding both these and other terpene companies. A quick use of the search tool on this site will serve your purpose well. You will find that the community has been rather vocal on this subject, and there are very strong opinions with very compelling arguments.

There are also some other companies selling terps that have been/are still being discussed. Your specific questions may be better suited there. Both companies you referenced have accounts on here and have been known to respond, some more quickly than others. Other companies have accounts as well.

Give the search bar a shot, and if you have questions that remain unanswered, here would be a great place to post them. Happy hunting!


Run far far away from true terpenes. How can ppl support a conpany who blatantly lied to everyone’s face for a profit while putting mineral oil as their dilutent.


I have personal experience with Floraplex. I cannot recommend them enough. Their products have all been top notch. Also, the customer service is unparalleled. Free samples, prompt responses. I have no exp first hand with true terps other than a couple isolates, which seemed fine. However, you should look into how they handled the whole diluent thing. They made false claims, then denied, and then ghosted. My opinion - they are completely unscrupulous. Happy terp hunting!


i just placed an order with Floraplex it was shipped out within the hour @FloraplexTerpenes :muscle:


Til:. Floraplex is local.

Thanks for posting that!


Awesome I’ve seen you post on other threads about floraplex. With customers as happy as you are with them How can I go wrong,. Thanks👍


Awesome. Thank you my man

After all that typing on telling me to just “use search bar” still couldn’t take one sentence Top give me your oppinon on the Two company’s… I seem other threads but most are 300 plus comments and most start to go off on other subjects… I don’t have hours looking through comments. So I started a thread/poll whatever you wanna call it… Thanks for the tip though on using search bar didn’t know what that was used for now I do👍



Be careful, the snowflakes will take offence to that pic, then call you out for being an a-hole, then not even say “my bad” after it gets pointed out to said snowflake.



:rofl::joy: I shall leave this for said snowflakes. safe%20space


Give us a shot @DistillateGold.lab I’m sure you will enjoy our terpenes! :slight_smile:

Sample packs are on sale now for a limited time.


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First: I have never purchased or used terps for any product I have ever made. Hard for me to have a valid opinion on something I have never personally used or tested. Any distillate cartridge that I have ever used did not advertise which brand terps they added, so again, it makes it rather difficult for me to personally say which brand I prefer.

Second: Keeping threads with similar themes limited is to the benefit of everyone who participates on the forum. It keeps the information more easily accessible, and there may also be the added benefit of you furthering or deepening the conversations that have, and still continue to, be accessed and watched by interested parties.

You started this thread because you didn’t feel like taking the time to read. For many, like myself, who have taken the time and effort to provide information in other threads, laziness and the desire to be spoon fed answers can get frustrating quick. Look at how many hours have past and how few responses you have gotten. You could have read every one of those posts by now.

Third: Sarcasm, in the context you are directing at me, will not serve your intended purposes. Trying to elicit answers from people in that manner will rarely, if ever, get you what you are asking for. I haven’t been rude, so I would appreciate if you would kindly redirect your frustrations. What I said in the first comment is far nicer than many would have given you based, if nothing else, on the fact that there is already a plethora of information concerning what you asked.

Fourth: Proof reading is an activity you should work on engaging more.

Fifth: I believe that any company that will outright lie to your face just to make a dollar does not deserve the time of day, so while I may not have used any terps in my work, I believe True Terpenes should be avoided. There’s already enough info about why, should you decide that reading will be to your benefit, which it 100% is.


@WolfeXtracts and @Demontrich, just remember that there are snowflakes, like myself, who grew up in the hood and aren’t afraid to take action when they are offended. No need to increase the frustrations on either side with name calling. The first no-spoon post was perfect. Nothing wrong with being sensitive, not wanting to spoon feed, or wanting a safe space. Can’t we all just get along?! Fo realz people!


You win🙌 feel satisfied now? Was a simple thread and post if never tried terps brand than just keep strolling on down. Thanks for the advice

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Wasn’t trying to win. Sorry I was a bit frustrated by your initial response and wasn’t the nicest about it.

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cc: @Future:

Lately I’ve been reading comments like “aren’t afraid to take action”, or people making read between the lines threats.

As a relative newcomer but every day reader and a dude that’s been helping make the internet work for over 20 years now; I can tell you this type of behavior gets toxic for communities and will drive good people away.

So maybe we have fun, but also maybe respect each other. But also maybe have a stricter policy on threatening people?

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That was in no way shape or form directed at anyone in particular. I take offense to the term snowflake, and it was directed at that term’s use. I apologize that you took it to mean I was talking about anyone in general. I will refrain from that use of language in the future. The use of that term drive me batty and puts up my hackles. Action can also mean standing up and calling out offensive terminology. I have no intention of being in another fight, ever. Good lookin’ out @densone.


I don’t think it was directed at me. My issue here is, I don’t want to have to deal with someone sending a threat my way because I make a comment they don’t like. And I’m trying to throw my “hey, what the fuck, we are supposed to be a community, this stuff is going to deter people from the best damn forum I’ve ever used”

Anyway, my 2 cents. We should all try to keep our cool.