Tasty boutique strains after cure

The reason for this question is I am looking forward to base genetics for the next couple of years. Particularly strength and taste.

My likes are always electrifying sativas! But the doctor has given the relax or die speech, i’m not particularly an Indica versus sativa guy. But a good narcotic hi might be fun??? And needed as the good doctor says!

I posted a question about exotic strains? This gave me a lot of research information that was invaluable. Kind of gave me better parameters of what I’m looking for.

My favorite strains taste like limes. I grew my own version of Jack HERR ER for 5 to 7 years. Very stable. Smell from skunks to citrusy depending on the characteristics of the plan. Before that I’ve grown skunk and Apollo 11 from the SSSC days of the 80s. I just like breeding my own seeds outdoors. I’m a DNA freak. My loves our sweet fruity citrusy. Sweet amnesia haze is a favorite. Maui wowie, Blueberry are other strains I like. Dry sift hash will be processed. But still like some great tasting flower that I mix too.

I really like a challenge. Don’t mind going the extra mile or two for outstanding results…


looking for a strain that taste pleasant and fruity after drying and curing properly. Properly to me is two months to six months or longer. Or longer depends on how much we grew that particular year… LOL
looking for a strain that taste pleasant and fruity after drying and curing properly.

Pine is another taste we’re after.

I love finding the boutiques seed companies after posting the exotic strains question . But like Bodihi many seed companies do not show pictures of their product. I lost it at Do Si Do, wedding cake that era. I see the lineage, but I just missed a couple of chapters.

On the characteristics of the tricome question is one of my favorite strains are Hawaiian strains. Maui Wowie in particular. Hawaiian snow another strain. These plants had a short stout try con compared to mini indoor grows. I do not know if that is the difference between outdoor and indoor? Or different varieties? Do these different varieties and different shapes TRICOMES have to do with Taste in the high?

I plan on extractions and also cured flower. I like sticky icky. That is how I dry and cure my crops is to be sticky and icky. I don’t know if it’s the way I do it in particular but I have good results. I dislike very much dry bud.
The plan is extractions and also cured flower. I like sticky icky.

So maybe someone can enlighten me. I am going to post another thread on great tasting strains after cure.

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Try blueberry muffins, its obnoxiously fruity


most limey i ever had was a kandy kush seed i got as a freebie. i smoked some 7days after hanging the whole plant and it came out tasting lime kush straight off the branch with no cure at all.after curing it only got better.wished i had cloned it at the time


Gorilla Glue is sativa dominant and is hard to describe the taste/smell. It is an “oily” smoke that covers the palate that tastes like almost like pine and sandalwood.

I did a Mandarin Cookies that tastes like moth balls and a rubber tire. The buzz makes my ears buzz and makes me feel like a zombie. It sounds bizarre, but it’s good.

Ethos Crescendo taste like juicy artificial mandarin oranges mixed with Tang. It’s not super complex, but it’s almost refreshing on a hot day.

If you like lime taste, Frosted lime CBD hemp is good. There are phenos of it that taste cheesy. The terps in hemp these days are pretty amazing.

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Critical jack has a lavender background in my opinion.

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my friend ran the critical jack and it was nice and hazy… he also ran critical kush which was pretty nice too.
my personal holy grail would be the old school nl5xhaze i got late 90s/2000s that used to taste like sausages/sage/incense.some people really didn’t like that strain cos of it’s strength and paranoia it would induce


If you’re looking for an indica that shares some Sativa traits try purple punch. I’m not a fan but it’s got a fruity/citrus flavor similar to some sativas. If you’re looking for pine, dutch treat is as piney as it gets IMO. Also not a fan but probably fits your palate based on the strains you listed.

Critical jack and jacks cleaner are two of the best strains I’ve had.

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Jilly Bean

Wedding Cake

Tropicana Cookies

Star Dawg Guava


Storage is your issue not genetics.

I like sundae driver, wedding Pie and dr who for fruity weeds


My strawberries n cream tastes/smells like a fresh box of fruity pebbles cereal.


Peanut butter blast. Apollo 11 x peanut butter breath. Taste like mountain dew Baja blast/with a hint of peanut butter. Grows nice and bushy with little training. Nice yielder


Not sure about how they taste after the cure but the Jelly Pie and Gummy Punch are the best smelling I have grown to date. I am into floral fruity strains.
Why not look into making your own concentrates as I feel after 6mos no matter the strain it will not be as good as after a proper 30 day cure.
Some strains store better than others. I thought I read grape and punch do not store well long term but I could be wrong. I would rather smoke what taste the best than something that doesn’t taste as good but taste better than the better tasting stuff after 6mos storage.
It degrades too much after 6mos anyways.
Many(not saying you)don’t realize that once your material gets too a certain % humidity you are no longer curing and your just storing/degrading at that point.
Once dry after about a week I like to start at like 75% and slowly bring the humidity down over time. Once I hit about 65-62% I am storing not curing.
For terp preservation I suggest drying at around 55F.


Great advice. Properly stored rosin will hold terps longer than weed just due to surface area.

I had a small personal crop of purple punch x bruce banner and it was some of the most insane smelling and tasting flower I’ve ever had. The genetics were procured from Los Angeles all star clones but they sadly discontinued it.
I had some wedding Crashers (pp x wedding cake) that was equally as good, which had a super candylike smell during flowering

Edit: some visuals


What ever happened to candyland was it just a jack Herer cross?

Edit looks like its a Ken’s gdp x bay platinum cookies

I’m looking for new genetics. Again the choices are somewhat overwhelming. And I’m not overwhelmerer…lol

In my journeys I always like unique, quality, cool collectibles. When I mention preferred strains, don’t want to limit myself. In the 80s we had access to big blocks of black gooey hash. We were spoiled. This tasted spectacular, and after over indulging you would wake up with a hash hangover…So I love the looks of Mendo breath, Looking at some blueberry crosses they’re mine blowing. I’m in to Neptune seeds and Oregon elite seeds. This is the field I want to play on! Just need a little help.

In mentioning curing and deterioration of terpines. I have a question. The way I have stored my product is in 2 gallon glass jars. I wait until these stem snaps . I put these buds in the glass jars and burp Until the moisture content is where I like. Drive but moisture still deep in the bud that I’ve drawn out it’s still won’t produce mold. Goal is to not overly dry and to keep sticky. After I am satisfied with the moisture content, the buds are packed Somewhat tightly in these jars and stored in underground storage until we crack a new jar. This is as close to vacuum sealed glass canning. Much less hassle. Similar results. We didn’t have the 62% humidity packs when I was a kid walking 10 miles up the mountain to school four times a day with no shoes or clothes or running water or oxygen and whatever. LOL

Any suggestions from these two boutique seed banks?

I have a couple of Kandy Kush from last yr freebies. Nice strong smell and early frost outdoors.

First pics of the candy crush. This plant could use some super pollen! It’s a keeper. The second pictures are some bodi mashup from last year.


Star dawg guava is where it’s at


20 years ago, a pheno of sweet tooth is still the stinkiest fruity stuff I have ever smelled. A friend had an eighth in his car for about an hour. The next day he happened to get pulled over and the officer demanded to search his car because it reeked of weed…from one eighth for one hour a day ago.

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Sounds like the blueberry stuff I got in Lake Tahoe about 10 yrs back. on a snowboard trip. Shit made everything smell like blueberry muffins for about 100’ radius.