Tariff increase on all imported carts

Whats good F4200 fam!
So I got some bad news for some of you in regards to importing carts from overseas, but mainly China. I know this because Im stocking up on carts to resell and well now this bomb was dropped on my lap! this was not even an issue for over a year!
So just wanted to give you guys a heads up on this matter also this will increase the price of carts from all your distributors in the following months, so please be prepared for the change.

Soooooooooo now all imported carts from overseas have a 2.6% tariff and if from China an additional 25% on top of the 2.6% plus a Merchandise Processing Fee of 0.3464% of the FOB value applies, with a minimum of US$26.22 and maximum of US$508.70 also your shipping provider may add an additional handling fee.

And one more thing which may not be bad, in my opinion.
HS CODE: 8543.70.9940 - Importation of these articles must comply with labelling, health standards and prior notice and licence requirements may apply, controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. Please contact agency for more information. [Some Probability]. Restrictions may apply for shipping this product with courier or postal companies.

So with that being said, I hope you stocked up before this.


can’t they just say the value of the order is 10% of what it actually is?


You can put what ever you want in the total for the CI/PI. But if customs wants to snoop around and finds out that the importer is asking to move the numbers around, then the real problems start.

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LMAO. Im so happy im out of this industry. There is soooo many easy ways around this. The problem with vape products is the US is still butthurt about lithium ion batteries blowing up. ESPECIALLY vape batteries where people have modded them and all of a sudden you see one blowing up on you local news.

My little brother is in the vape industry. I practically gave him my business after amazon, ebay, and paypal stopped allowing me to sell my products. I played the stealth account thing till the vape business started to be no fun. I have some friends that are pretty big players in this industry as well. There are ways around this. While im not in the vape business, IM in a highly regulated and heavily taxes(tarriffed) industry that imports metric tons from China monthly; express and by sea. Even though i went to grad school partly for logistics, The last year has taught me more about logistics then i spent learning in school.

If you are importing cartridges and batteries. HAVE them shipped seperatly in seperate shipments totally. You might get tagged for $20 for the double work your exporter has to do…BUT you wont get that Green Lithium Battery Sticker on your cartridges…Allowing the shipment to slid threw customs easier. Those green stickers are an alert saying “Please charge me a customs and tariff for importing batteries!”