Table Top industrial Bottle Filling and Equipment

We manufacture table top or bench top bottle fillers. Our fillers use industrial parasitic pumps for repeatable fills and accuracy . We offer them in all different shapes and sizes! We also offer them with different robotic platforms and axis, like a X,Y matrix designs, Single row designs for bigger bottles, rotary table designs, and single fillers. We are in the process of developing a rotary table that will fill, cap, and label the bottles at the same time all on a 5 foot table. We offer parasitic pumps that can fill 1.5 liters a minute which are geared toward small bottles and parasitic pumps that can fill 6 liters a minute for bigger bottles. The pumps reverse flow to make clean up easy as well as ramp up and down speed to control any splash. If you guys have any questions please ask!! We build everything in house. Below is a youtube video of the matrix system



Hopefully those are Peristaltic pumps…

Parasitic pumps would just steal my oil

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Here is a update on the fillers we offer for “peristaltic pumps”:grinning:

We manufacturer a wide range of accurate bottle fillers. Our bottling systems can fill single bottles or multiples. We also offer fluid heating and cooling options, cappers, labelers. We strive to be your source for your bottling needs!

Matrix Table Top Bottle Fillers

Our claim to fame, the matrix bottle filler! This bottle filler is specially designed for .1 mL to 100 mL bottles. The machine will move in a XY pattern to fill multiple bottles with multiple nozzles for ingredient mixing. It uses custom durable trays made to your bottle specifications for positioning. The removable trays also double for handling purposes.

Removable Bottle Trays

Auto Rotary Bottle Fillers

The module rotary bottle filler is our fastest filler. This bottle filler can be fitted with a filler, capper, and labeler! This machine is a all in one bottle solution. The best part about the rotary system is you don’t have to buy everything all at once. You can upgrade as your demand rises.

Manual Rotary Bottle Fillers

Pop will it screw the cap on the cartridge??

Do you happen to have a ballpark estimate for the production speed of your rotary bottle filler? As in bottles per hour filled, capped and labeled? The company I’m working for has about had it with the poor quality and turn around time of our current bottling contractor and we’re looking to bring it in house for our 30ml tinctures. I saw the quote of 18k, does that include the pump, capper and labeler?

Our rotary tables have cappers options. We also sell them as single operations. Depending on the cartridge lid. If it screws on yes our systems can cap. As of now cartridge type setups we sell need to be manually loaded and unloaded in the rotary disc or fixture. The system then activates by foot petal or button.

The rotary systems with fill, cap and label run about 360 bottles an hour. The 30 ml bottle works great with auto load and unloading…The system is designed to run other bottle sizes with minimal adjustment. Also you can save up to 10 settings. Yes the price point is 18k with a filler capper and label processing. We plan to have more videos of the rotary table running later this month.