T free with minors. 3800.00 per liter moq

Greetings GLG,

We have 40 liters of compliant CBD distillate.

1909ENC1432_3656 - Octave Labs - W.O #32.pdf (287.7 KB)

33.4 COA.PDF (403.1 KB)

33.7 COA.PDF (352.2 KB)

42.1 COA.PDF (342.7 KB)

True distillate remediated with chromatography.
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It looks dark, is that a side effect of your t removal process?

Hi Rowan,

We will find out😊. These were from mother liquor starting material. We just started to run crude for the first time and will post process this week and have full spec distillate for first time. I have seen very golden cbd distillate before. I believe they run way more passes then we do at the moment. We triple distill already😬.

Full spectrum distillate? I keep hearing people say that what does that mean? I just must be dumb


Full spec CBD has THC and minors. Broad spec has CBD and minors only. At least that’s what I’ve collected from Linkedin brokers


I always thought full spectrum was straight off the plant, no distillation. If it’s been through a distillation its now a fraction of full spectrum oil. Broad spectrum I assumed was any sort of distillate with a bunch of other cannabinoids in it that codistilled. “Full spectrum” as in the full unmolested spectrum of constituents that make up hash oil.


I’m sure you’re correct but then you see products like selects broad spec CBD and brokers selling hot distillate as Full spec. Just reporting what I see from people on various platforms.


Seems like full spectrum would have to be the plant itself

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Full spectrum has tepenes (meaning the full spectrum of the plant)

T free is t free

Broad spectrum is no terpenes ( disty basically)

Isolate is isolate.

That’s the way it is here in California


My general understanding is that “full spectrum” product should be as close to fully representative of the original plant as possible, meaning including terpenes, and all cannabinoids. Some people (including myself) believe that pretty much rules out anything that’s been distilled unless you’re somehow adding everything back together (thus defeating the purpose of distillation).

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What I’m trying to describe is crude thats then distilled, With thc in range of 2-4%. :nerd_face:. Thanks for clarification.

Dipshits in cbd world that I know call “full spec” compliant or hot distillate, “broad spec” is T free


Yes. Quite confusing to me. But i will continue to learn and grasp as much as i can from this forum.

Full-spectrum means that the oil has all of the cannabinoids present that were present in the original plant, prior to harvesting. Broad-spectrum means that one or more cannabinoids have been removed. The term is commonly used incorrectly and is not a scientific term, really, as the cannabinoid profile can vary greatly from plant to plant, cultivar to cultivar. For example, I might be able to extract a full-spectrum CBD oil from a hemp plant but that hemp plant has LOQ THC, is that full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum? What if it has .001% THC, is that full-spectrum? There are no standards. It’s like “chronic.” How do you define what is chronic and what is not? Chronic might be a little more vague and a lot more street, but without standards, it’s difficult to use the term effectively, and is mostly used for marketing and sales purposes.


Should come out gold 2nd pass. We do warm wash and 2 passes and it looks like this


It is probably due to some oxidation

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