T FREE High % cbga extract/isolate for conversion.

I have 50 kilos available of a nice tan crumble cbga extract. Batches are running 75-77%cbga with up to 80% cannabinoids. This has not been decarbed in the extraction process, and can be used for most cannabinoid conversions.
I also have very limited quantities of 99% cbga isolate available in small quantities for research purposes. For a limited time I’m offering future members a 10$/g plus shipping for as little as 1gram. And 20$g plus shipping on the isolate.
PM me for details



Warms my heart to see others isolating cbga and understanding its potential. It’s a great compound, works wonders on stomach issues. Also hear its excellent at treating skin conditions, one of the people who I supply is using it in a scar reduction salve for post surgery treatment.


Where do you get yours? I have stomach issues, i’d really like to test some out as a consumer. do you dab it or take orally?

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I extract and isolate it; I can provide a sample; but I’m not trying to hijack this thread. Perhaps @Etohthekid can assist you,

You can consume anyway you’d like; smoke it, put it in an ointment, or dab it. I personally like to sprinkle on joints and smoke with a little cbg, cbd, and cbda isolates as well;) perks of the trade.

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I have personally smoked quite a few really nice cbg rolls. I think the best way to keep it in the acid form would be to melt into warm MCT. Its showing really good promise as an analgesic. And has many similar properties as cbd but it seems it may be a bit more potent according to some of my customers.

Sent you a dm. would be interested in buying a few grams to make personal tinctures to test for my IBS

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I can do samples to serious buyers and I can also do small sales if someone is wanting to test for medical issues. I’m all about natural healing and getting this out to help people with medical issues.


Cbga tinctures work wonders on IBS throw a little CBD or CBDA in there as well!

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