T free distillate 4200.00

Greetings good life gang,

We currently have 22 liters of t free distillate from crude. This is true CBD distillate, never from added isolate.

Coa available upon request.

Have an awesome day!

Octave labs.

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Please send a COA my way. Thanks!

Hi there,

Here u go.

CANNABISPIC_P190600-01.PDF (409.5 KB)

We have 12 of these left of that batch.

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7.5 liters of this:

CANNABISPIC_P190634-01.PDF (305.7 KB)

Thanks for your interest. Please email me at andrew@octave-labs.com if you would like to place an order. Have a great weekend.


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please send me COA ericksv@msn.com

I am impressed that you can make money at that crazy low price. Product looks good too!


Thanks Nomad! We have excellent source and price for Mother Liquor. Were just passing the savings along.

Sold Out!!!

I’m trying to understand how you can tell if T free disty has an isolate blend or not? Please inform. Good work on getting your lab together. Was there for a tour a few weeks ago.

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If its lacking any minors then it’s a candidate for a spiked isolate mix.


Any left?

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Does it really matter ? Im genuinely asking becuase cbd is cbd. If someone crashed out the isolate and remidated it and added it back in i dont really see an issue with that. What is the difference between that and lets say cbd distiallte that went stight through chromatography?

My only issue would be someone add isolate to hemp oil and calling it distillate

That’s what we’re talking about, spiked meaning using something other than CBD or cannabinoids to spike the isolate. If someone is going to buy T-free distillate without minors they might as well buy isolate, it’s much cheaper.


Do you think the market will become just sourcing various isolates, then melting and homogenizing to make oils of specific cannabinoid ratios? If you wanted a 2% CBN (from CBN distillate) 2% CBG (from isolate) 93-95% CBD oil (from isolate), you could make a kilo of that for about $4k or less at current prices and probably sell it for around $5.5k or so. Upon cooling it’d look a lot like T-free distillate and probably be better quality and easier to work with for product formulation.

Once we gain a better mastery over the minors I think they’ll definitely be a market for something like that. Chromatography allows us to separate them out already, we just need a better pathway to higher quantities on minors to give labs the latitude to do custom compounding for customers. Whether it be from genetic breeding efforts or biosynthesis in a lab I think this is the future.

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Looks awesome how do I learn more?

From my experience, i have seen other groups claim t free distillate which was not. What it was is isolate added to distillate with even food coloring.

We have never tried to melt isolate back into liquid form. So i cannot comment on if there is any significant difference other than the minor cannabinoids. I was told that the concoction is cloudy.

We are sourcing consultants to help us with chromatography scale up. It is expensive, But quality of medicine is unmatched.