T crude wanted

Wanting to buy approximately 20 L (5 gal) of THC crude on a revolving basis, if possible. Winterized and decarbed, preferably. Please DM if u can be of assistance.

Are you looking for an L2L or Unlicensed?

i have interest as well.

Unlicensed… as close to southern Oregon as possible too. Thank you.

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Me too✌

Hey Asher, I’d be able to assist you on THC Free Crude.
Contact me at: 970-216-3903

Chase Cordova
Colorado Hemp Solutions

I have T crude - untested and cat2 available.
DM me

I’m located in oregon as well. Near southern Oregon. Hit me up and maybe we can do something. Cheers

I’m also looking for t crude! How can I get into touch with you

Hey how do I get into contact with you

Email me at nate@kifcure.com I have a great contact for you for this. In Oregon.

I will be able to assist you with Premium T Crude on a consistent basis! Located in Colorado. COAs provided.

Chase Cordova