T-5 Filtration

I have some crude I treated with T5. Having a little trouble getting all the T5 out of the oil. I’ve filtered it over 1-3 micron paper on a buchner about 10 times and I’m still seeing a few grains in the mix I just can’t filter out.

Cbd refined crude, 2:1 ethanol:oil
Smaller pore filter paper? Any suggestions?

Try filtering over celite


Is your buchner filter a ceramic one? Is it possible the media is slipping through the sides of the paper?

I would start there but then use another media to filter it through.


As @thesk8nmidget sugest I also think something is passing treu the sides
T5 is self filtering media so after the second run treu same cake it should not happen even with 25 mic paper


Yep, I have a ceramic funnel… seems it was channeling in places. The celite took care of it. Thx guys


Try adding a (non-silicone) retention ring that fits snugly along the internal border of the funnel so that the sides of the funnel aren’t letting things slip.

It’s helped me a ton


Are these for sale for this pupose on ceramic buchner ?
Never seen them but indeed would be great

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Reqlly depends on your buchner, you could use one of those cheap filter plate rings and it would work great.

Those filter plate rings are more standard in size, because their outer diameter is the same as a triclamp pipes inner diameter. Buchners sre manufactered at all sizes in differrnt thicknesses and can have slight imperfections with the funnel itself.

@LabSociety has some on their site. Shouldn’t be too hard to source though


Thanks @TheGratefulPhil, I’m going to order some. Great idea, I’ve had trouble numerous times where this would have stopped some frustration.

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Hi ObxLabs, in order to remove fine powder like particles you need depth filtration. Not paper, to easy to slip through. Please see attached literature on depth media. We carry this type product (will fit in the Buchner you have), so if you have any questions, please let me know. TFibrafix-FS-eFNA.pdf (378.7 KB) Thanks, Greg