Synthetic DMT/Shroom products?

That’s it, sorry I confused the two usernames since their icons looked similar. I assume this is the same product though.

Either way, I’m not a huge fan of people selling “unknown tryptamines” to consumers. Figure out what it is and tell your customers.


Has anyone else had Shrumfuzed?
Im really enjoying their lack of tryptamines on the COA they provided.

88800-dz-gummy-shrumfuzed.pdf (121.9 KB)

Lionsmane, chaga, cordy. Ofc it won’t have what’s on that coa


SD pharma is a horrible lab too funny they use them when theyre manufactured in Colorado

Bufotenin is schedule 1 just like psilocybin and I don’t think it’s orally bioavailable without MAOI. I don’t believe 5-HO or 5-MeO NMT are psychoactive either but if someone has info suggesting otherwise I would love to see it. I would bet that the active tryptamine is either norpsilocin (4-HO-NMT) or aeruginascin (4-PO-TMT) or the 4-HO aeruginascin metabolite. The other possibility is baeocystin, I’ve heard conflicting information on whether or not that one is psychoactive.

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You are correct regarding bufotenin/5-OH-DMT. I confused something.

If you look at the CoA referenced in this thread from another thread, it lists a compound called “hydroxy-NMT” and doesn’t specify further. Its the same CoAs found on the Psilo Mart website.

My guess is that may be 5-hydroxy-NMT, but honeslty its a little odd that the analysis doesn’t specific what it’s measuring.

This paper has shown that norpsilocin/4-OH-NMT is not bioactive even though it binds to 5-HT2A in vitro. Perhaps the same would be for 5-OH-NMT who knows.

Anyhow, I think California Ag Labs who provides COAs might be in cahoots with the “non-detect” psychoactive mushroom people to help obscure whatever the “hydroxy NMT oxalate” actually is.


Very interesting paper! If poor CNS permeability is what causes norpsilocin to be inactive in vitro, I wonder if the acetyl ester would mitigate this

I think your right, because there is a cayman standard for 5-HO-NMT as the oxalate salt. I sure hope there isn’t any 5-HO-NMT oxalate itself in the product, because oxalate salts give you kidney stones.


Hmm, might be onto something. I wouldn’t worry about that oxalate though, there’s much more oxalic acid in foods like spinach than in mystery tryptamine gummies :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, those wont be on there. But they also include a “Proprietary Blend” of “Trippy Compounds” in their product, which im assuming is some RC or other tryptamine.

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Correct. They have to put some sort of active in it for the consumer to feel something. Every product out there is spiked with a form of some synthetic be 4-aco or other tryptamines outside of cannabinoids.

had the same experience eating some Tree House gummies at the Champs show in vegas last Nov. The reps at the booth had no knowledge or could explain the active or what was in it to make you “trip”. That was the norm with every like product I encountered. Bitter nasty taste followed by a not so pleasant head high and body aches. None of those products in market that use synthetics come close to a real psilocybin extract product in my opinion.

Those bags labeled amanitas can go screw themselves u gotta eat like oz plus its not the groovy trio ur looking for more real life recolections for me

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I thought it was manufactured in Oregon

Thank you for posting this COA.
I just got some tre house gummies so I will be using this as reference for dosing of 4-aco-dmt.

10mg is threshold
20mg normal
30mg heavy