Synthetic Chemists

Are there any synthetic chemists out there? I have some ideas on how to deal with cutting carts and how we avoid that in general.


Synthetic chemists are a rare breed sir, even rarer here in future4200. When i finished school all the chem jobs were in analytics, lots of those synthesis jobs went overseas to Asia.


By the way I have been wanting to brush up on reaction mechanisms covered in my orgo classes years ago - any recommendations for textbooks?

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You can use the following website:

This has the entire organic sequence online in an easy to understand format. You can also use Khan Academy. Once you master those you can switch it into high gear and read this book.


It seems like they are pretty rare. Can only think of a few off the top of my head.

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Thanks for sharing that!

I don’t find too many traditionally trained chemists in the cannabis space - although the past six months seems like I have noticed a little more, especially PhDs. I think vast number of people here are self taught and I think a fair number started growing and learned extracts as a means to increase revenues


Any new oil market tends to have self taught individuals be the first. The entrepreneurs with a dream are the ones willing to take on the risk and usually the first to enter a market. Guys like @anon93688 and @TheGratefulPhil are the more adventurous. Not many people will risk all the debt/education/time into getting your degree to do something that might fail. Back in the biodiesel days we had no idea what we were doing and it showed. Same stuff happening right now with the carts was happening except it was your car engine :wink:

Same book, different chapter. :sunglasses:


Yeah I feel you there. I got lucky and had all of my education paid for via the military or in exchange for teaching at the university level.


What branch did you serve in? Thank you for your service.

I have said it a few times on this forum. Read the history of biofuels. I cannot express the similarities between the two. There is a reason why I have thrown/gave away all the oil we have R&D. Let everyone come in for the “green rush”.

Remember: High tide floats all boats. Its who is left when it recedes is what matters :wink:


Just don’t cut carts, make it the industry standard. 5% terps max.


I’m a synthetic chemist by training but haven’t practiced in my career for a solid decade. A bit rusty on the knowledge side of things, but I’d be willing to collaborate on this with you.


How do you satisfy the people that want a CBD cart…sell them crystals and have them return it since it’s not aesthetically pleasing?


This is an important question and one that I may have a good solution to.

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Yep, I got an offer at contract development & manufacturing pharmaceutical company right out of school with a chem degree, but they wanted me to work 12hr shifts 6:30pm-6:30am on a 2-2 3-2 2-3 rotating shift and I was like fuck that shit. I’ll only work stoopid hours if I am working for myself.

Here’s a well kept secret, this is the best chem reference book in existence:

I’d go to grad school in a heartbeat if it was paid for. I still have to pay off a lot of my undergrad.


UC Irvine has the best organic YouTube videos from undergrad to graduate. You’re welcome.


Oh yes. Ordered and will consume. Thank you :sunglasses:


I wouldn’t call myself a synthetic chemist but I’ve had a few organic synthesis classes.

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haha that sounds like me, I started at a paternal drug manufacturing facility, FDA regulated , stupid hours for a while, then when to day shift, it did get me hands on experience with analytical instrumentation and working in a true GMP 24/7 production facility where the products were going to hospitals and clinics for direct use on patients was a real experience


yea that’s how I feel, I graduated with a chem degree so I had the typical orgo I and II, and I did work in a professors lab doing porphyrin research, got to do a stoichiometric reaction of 3,4-dibenzyloxy-benzaldehyde and pyrrole ( If I remember right) and octanoic acid (refluxing overnight), then neutralized the excess acid in the crude with the ole sep funnel action. developed a mobile phase with TLC and then ran the crude through an old fashioned chromatography column with silica stationary phase. lol the crude looked like sludge and after some time of running mobile phase through the column got a band that yielded brillant purple crystals in the little buchi rotovap they had. Professor ran it on an NMR - said its name was: 5,10,15,20-tetra-3,4-dibenzyloxybenzaldehyde porphyrin. it was a fun time. i would have loved to do that kinda work after school but all the jobs seemed to be QC/analytical testing, and now here i am on this website


Yeah in hindsight I should have taken the offer just for the experience of working in a GLP, cGMP pharma manufacturing facility, get the inside scoop on some trade secrets lol. But I got a neat job as a microbiologist doing industrial fermentation and learned everything i could about a completely new field. And now i’m working to implement biotech into my chemical processes, so I think it was a good move.