Swollen Clone Stems - Any Ideas

My buddy is having some issues with his cuttings developing very swollen stems a couple weeks after rooting. I’m thinking it may be a nematode or possibly just too much rooting hormone.

Any ideas?

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Too much Auxin would be my guess.

Get us closer. And slice one open too.


Too much rooting hormones maybe? I’ve seen some thing kinda like that when I used too much hormex. But not quite as weird looking.

What are they using and at what rates?

@cyclopath beat me to it dammit.


Yeah, this happens when I get lazy and have multiple strains in cups of dip n grow rooting liquid. On the ones that soak in the liquid (5+mins) I get this.

It’s no big deal. The clone will grow out of it.


Thanks so much for the quick responses!

@cyclopath @Demontrich @Curious_Roberto

I’m still interested in what the inside looks like. My first guess was bacterial infection, especially if it was corky. I guess what the peanut gallery had to say is a viable explanation also!

agrobacterium tumefaciens perhaps? (Rhizobium radiobacter)

they cause their symptoms by over producing auxins…

so similar phenes would not be unexpected.

Yeah, slice one up!!!


This happens often in my garden. It’s no big deal. Now if there was just swollen spots, I’d say it was a bug or the like.


Update: My employee told me that we were like 14 cuts short and so he just grabbed a dixie cut that had some of the rooting gel in there and filled it up with water not thinking anything of it. Appreciate all the help!

I’d never seen that before.


Hey All,

These are my cuts. Appreciate all the feedback. The cuts are going into an aerocloner:

We dip the cuttings usually into hormex but I had a couple free things of EZ-Clone rooting gel that we used this rotation.

Otherwise we use athena ag bloom nutrients at 1.0 EC, keep the pH between 5.5-6, let the reservoir get up to about 80, but we add athena ag cleanse at 7mL/gal every 5 days into the reservoir.

After they’ve rooted we dip them in Great White and then they go into coco. This is about 10 days after transplante into coco. Only happened to 1 strain (about 6-8 clones out of ~1000).

One cutting got so swollen the stem split open.

I got rid of these cuts just to be safe, but it sounds like it was the auxin, which would make sense since the gel washes off and then gets recirculated in the reservoir. Here’s a picture of the one with the split stem.

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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I was looking for this thread last month or so and couldn’t find it. Damn search button. Is that weird?

Anyways, I left a clone in a cup of Dip N Grow for 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds and had this happen. As @cyclopath said- too much auxin.


I notice this with too much NAA hormone (Not IBA, NAA like Hormex), using too much or using it for too long.


Weird twist on the topic, but I could use some tips.

Anyone have methods to help plants grow thick stems? Most of my plants have thin woody stems and they aren’t strong enough to produce heavy. I’ve always been lazy about veg and I’m trying to do better… any tips?

Use high pressure sodium lights, lol. I had to go through a learning curve with led. It doesnt penetrate well, so pruning and trellising become more important, as well as keeping an even canopy level up top, to gets the lights staying optimal distance away. It’s easier said than done, different strains can require more aggressive pruning.

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Have a few under a weak fluoro and it’s been so damn cloudy this season I’ve been waiting an extra month to put them outside. I was hoping I could convince them to thicken up with feed, watering style, or something. Was avoiding setting up a whole veg area but now I have regrets lol

this just sounds like too low light levels in general.

i have no issues getting fat robust trunk and stems under led.

Your feeding regimen could also be causing woody growth.

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Proper plant nutrition and adding silica and a good biostimulant certainly help.

We trellis and prune heavily anyways, but our grams per watt went up with LED versus HPS. Make sure you use an Apogee light meter to make sure you have comparable light levels at the canopy.

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Use targeted supercropping. You gently massage and barely break the tissue and it will rebuild stronger and thicker. LST can also help thicken stems, it’s like resistance band training for the plant.



Pinching or targeted cropping /super cropping will give you weeks worth of stimulative growth & also help reduce stretching as much if you’re faced with it. You’ll see laterals start to produce more and have tighter nodes alone your plant. That and lighting ratio, currently I run mine on a 20/4 or 19/5 to keep them vegging at an optimal rate for my space.

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