Sweetest, most flavorful, terpenes/flavoring

Looking for the sweetest, flavorful, terpene blends or oil based flavors possible. Open to both botanical and synthetic. I just want a green apple to make you pucker your lips from the sourness or an ice cream cake to make your mouth drool. I’ve tried most if not all mainstream terp brands and they have not met my expectations yet. What are some options available? Thanks in advance…

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Both botanical… and synthetic?

Who are you and what company do you represent?


This is for my personal use. Is this a company only thread?

Following for the obvious

Insert actual company response below.

Have you tried all the mainstream apple and cake terpenes blends? What was your least favorite?

No brand is sweet enough for me. I quit vaping ejuice due to the mucus I was getting so I switched over to CBD. I try to mimic the vape flavors I was vaping before but no terp brand can come close to the disposable vape flavors.

Have you tried cigarettes?


have you tried hard drugs?




Omg, I am dead lol.