Suspension of License, Medical Marijuana Product Recall Linked to Alleged Testing Laboratory Rules Violations(Scale labs - OK)


Recall Notice

NOTE: This email was sent to ALL patient and caregiver licensees in the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) database. Receiving the email doesn’t necessarily mean that you have purchased or consumed any recalled product. Read more below.

OMMA issued a recall notice Thursday, May 19, for 99 medical marijuana products following routine inspections of the laboratory that performed testing on the products.

Dispensaries are required to inform patients who bought the recalled products. Patients with questions about the recall should contact their dispensary. You can find dispensary contact information by visiting our licensed business webpage.

A list of the recalled products is available on OMMA’s website. The list includes information found on medical marijuana packaging and labels.

Any patient concerned they consumed a recalled product, or who consumes a product that makes them feel sick, should contact a physician for guidance.


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‘Alleged rules violations by another licensee (testing laboratory)’ seems to be the culprit based upon this list they have here for the products - Think they’ll release the reasoning outside of just that one line?


Also considering that one line at the bottom of the document I’m going to wager that the hammer is going to be coming down on some labs out there HEAVY soon


I’ve got a dollar on Verde being scrutinized soon


Verde has been nothing but a headache for me. Ive had multiple issues with products tested through scale as well.

If im not mistaken, wasn’t Scale the lab that tested some boo called Race Gas that came back at 44% thc and 50% total cannabinoids?

I’ve had 91% d9 disty tested at scale labs originally from the processor. I independantly sent testing samples of the same batch to Verde and Buds, both came back at 73% d9

Edit: I never reported the lab but brought the issue up to that processor, ended with me getting ghosted by them.

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Genesis Testing Labs, if you’ve used them you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’m not sure if this was the incident you’re taking abt or if there was a second one, but in this one the consensus was that the sample was altered by the submitter.

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The story I heard from one of their brokers was that the original test came back like that before they were contacted by Scale labs and told that there was an error in their testing. they decided to just stick with that testing

Shiv Krupa LLC (aka Scale Laboratories) license suspended - here is the emergency notice and more info:

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How OMMA focused on Scale via Zanja Extracts:

Previous incident involving the owner of Zanja Extracts as “Moon Mix”:

White Mousse Concentrates / RockTop Farms has been ID’d as having at least 5 flower batches on the list. Normally this would be catastrophic to brand, but Apothecary is doing just fine after releasing insect infested product less than six months ago (maybe because their material was white labeled so other brands would take the hit?)