Supercritical CO2 for sale , Slashing the price ! East Coast

Item: ExtraktLabs 140 Supercritical Extractor with Co2 Recycler ,Used for CBD . This Extractor is a beast that produces a clean & high quality crude , works great for CBD , Cannabis & other essential oils ,extracts terpenes as well when running sub-critical.
Great yields , fast production & so much more .
Please go to(Increase Yield with Supercritical CO2 Extractor | CO2 Extraction ) ,to see all the details .
Extractor is in great condition and is ready to produce .
Included equipment ; chiller , chiller lines , 18 Co2 tanks , pancake compressor , disconnect switch & transformer .
This is over 500k new !
Currently all set up and operational , can demo
Asking $145k