Super charged passive recovery 1/2”

Anyone know what’s happening here? I’d like to super charge my passive system like this on a way bigger scale. Not mine lol someone a bit crazy in my opinion with that cylinder.

Pay attention to the 1/2 ptfe hose into the small recovery pot.
Thanks !


Is this real life? That tank is crazy


it’s a tank in a bucket?
this tank is NOT stainless, has giant weld globs, and probably rusting out inside.

this can be replaced with coils and a bucket, or a properly welded submerged tank like this.

get a jacketed tank or inner submerged coil if you want want to be tidier.


Definitely not the brightest idea.

Before I did that I’d opt out and get a SS pressure vessel off eBay and build my own. It will have all the ports you need

Yeah totally was so focused on the shotty tank

I like the one in the back, the large recovery port would be neat

I wonder if I can take my spare like and have a 1/4" full bored to 1/2" hmm. Like an engine

Not me lol I know it looks country ass backwards shit. But one interesting part is the recovery pot to the left of that contraption. With the 1/2 ptfe stainless steal hose.

Like this?


That was the first thing I noticed!!! :yum:

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dm @killa12345 for a custom hemispheric lid with a 1/2" recovery port and ask for a stainless tank with a 1/2" port for recovery and whatever size line you use for injection. Or go thru oss for a tank.

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That’s beautiful

Post your set up so we can help you better.

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This is what I would like to super charge. This is old pic during initial set up. I’ll update eventually!


Thats one way to do it,

See my thread about passive recovery design, a short large diameter connection between the vessels is required for the low density gas to flow at high enough rate.