Suggested starting parameters for FFE

Here we go, ready to start this up on monday. So my machine is a knockoff of the deltta. With that in mind, would anyone know the starting parameters for starting this 250L FFE? Feed rate (kg/h), condensor temp and shell temp? Also it says everywhere that these things run constantly. Until i purchase another centrifuge, im looking to feed less into the FFE than what it can produce. i dont see a loop after it hits the recovery tank so how do you keep the machine going if there’s no feed at times? Would i just use the cavitation protection or just turn the vacuum pump off untill needed again? not sure turning it off due to keeping the tubes wetted

If available, consider shutting all systems down and filling it with Nitrogen until you need to use again or can’t provide constant input flow.


Why can’t you turn it off?


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Im sorry. I forget to say that im running Etoh.

I can shut it down anytime. I suppose I can run virgin etoh to pre heat the exchanger each time before feeding again but seems like a time killer. Maybe just loop outlet to inlet to keep it going? The purpose to run constantly is the vacuum is needed to pull to and from storage tanks and centerfuge.

Tell me more about this machine, how much did it cost and what is it’s rated throughput?

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There are valves to the recovered collection, shut it or drain recovered ethanol (you can loop back to your solvent vessel) ??

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It cost 40k. A 250L delta knock off from china. Great machine but never any instructions that are worthy…

Here’s a photo of the tank and valves. Hoping that I can run the virgin etoh back through the feed so I can keep things going.

Does that include the chillers and heaters?

Yes it does.

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Where are you located?

Eastern Oregon…