Sugary carts after winterizing and adding liquify terps and canna terps

I tried searching for this but couldn’t get anything.

I have an issue with my carts. I gave a few away for Bday gifts last week. I figured something made from my hands would be a much better gesture… anyway.

I have 1g of Shatter portioned out, added 1 drop liquify terps 2 drops canna derived terps. Heated solution, partial decarb and thrown in an icell.

3 days later one goes hard, the other one sugars. The solution is a Winterized BHO filtered through 0.22u and the bottles of product are not contaminated. One report of white shit in the cart another report of it going completely solid with terps and liquify added to it. How the fuck - I mean how the actual fuck.

That’s not THCa crashing out in the cart is it? That’s not possible… right?

It’s the liquify stuff. Poison does weird things to carts. Your lucky it didn’t turn to a dragon and spit flames.


… ily killa

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Decarb mo

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Turned white?

Pine resin?

Thc correct, not cbd?

White crystals no pine resin and little cbd content in the starting matieral. Blasted and winterized. No additives like Pine Resin and whatnot other than the terpene liquify.

Pine resin has been sold as bho and turns to a white substance when heated.

I make the BHO myself from my own starting material. Its not possible.


So basically just decarb the Hell out it seems… I’ve done 220-240 for 45 mins on like 6 grams and it’s day by day goin crystals on me… :frowning:

How did you measure the temp? If the oil was actually 240f for 45 minutes and was only 6g it should not crystalize. If it was in an oven at that temp for that long, it’s probably not decarb’d yet

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Measured the temp via digital (honestly think meat tenderizer) and actual in an oil bath in glass beaker. 6 gram run and after 3 days it’s looking like it’ll crash. Measured internal oil temp inside of glass not the Potted oil. I keep messin something up I guess !

About to get a manegtic stirrer to see if it helps something

You sure it’s not CBD? An hour at 110C is surefire decarb, 45 minutes should certainly be enough to not sugar up. Does that time start from when you got to temp? Or was that the temp at the end of the 45 min?

Also gotta ask if it could be CBD; it crystalizes after decarb.

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It’s some kinda terpy sugar sauce
I mean it’s possivle I ran it a little short at like 35-40 mins there was still a hint of small bubble but I wasn’t trying to burn it like my first batch lol. Don’t live in a legal state so I can’t tel you exactly what it is but I’ll check my notes I try and keep track while I am making batches. My last one seemingly came out perfect so I followed same parameters

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Maybe I misunderstood; if it was crystalized when you started decarb it can take a lot longer than straight oil. I read 6g of BHO but maybe my reading comprehension needs improvement lol. More oil, especially if it was sugar when you started and it sounds like you just might have pulled the plug early.

There’s a trick floating around here under the search term “bromocresol green” that might make your life easier for cheap money

(Check previous post for pic)The smaller batch is of that wax, and it’s alrrady halfway sugary basically and it’s been two days lol. I used a drier looking flavor I had and that’s the bigger batch which is slowly looking bubbly almost but it’s crysrals. Ran some for longer an I’ve smoked half of it so far in two days no problem tho. Love em

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Yep, everyone seems to prefer oil that hasn’t been decarb’d to death. Unfortunately, it has a tendency to kill carts (or waste oil in them). Gotta decarb longer unfortunately, not much else to do about it :man_shrugging:. Lots of tips if you search “live resin carts”

I didn’t think to look at anything for live because I didn’t think it was. Homeboy told me he had crumble before I got it lol. Lemme get a pic of those big batch carts now for you. And yeah I need the shelf life for me and my girlfriend

the one almost gone is the batch I let go longer after been going strong. Different wax less fatty although loss of flavor kinda halfway

Thanks by the way!

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The reason I suggested searching for live resin carts was because we all want to keep the flavor from going to shit during decarb. Gotta decarb pretty thoroughly to avoid sugaring up and that can kill the flavor. It’s been discussed most about live resin but it’s not really any different conceptually if you’re handling any other extract and trying to turn it into good carts

Happy to point you in the right direction, welcome to the forum


I added back canna terps into em, just losing flavor by the point of half or just under halfway :frowning: the ones I have thay sugared bad smell gas as fuck since you can still hit so she said no wasting her flavor lmao