Sugars after decarbing (eho distallite)

So before I get into this, I understand I’ve posted about this before, also I know my solution is to fix our freezer. Just bare with me.
So after decarbing our ethanol mix, our rotoball is filled with sugars, I taste tested it. Also it does not brake down in ethanol.

We dunk 50lbs of trim in 40 gallons of ethanol. Our freezes goes as low as -25c. The freezer also shuts off during the day.
During dunking, we put in a block of dry ice. We throw 6 bags in for an 45 mins and take it out. Then put 6 more and repeat. In four rounds we dunk 50lbs total.

After we filter with four 16 micron pads, in a horizontal press filter, it’s technically a wine filter. Then add charcoal over and filter it our untill it goes from green to gold.

We then let it winterize for 2 days. (Remember fridge turns off for 6 hours a day). After 2 days we use the same filter, but with four .45 filters.

Then rotovap it, then short path it.

After decarbing it has surgars on the rotoball, and after shortpathing the mantle has burnt black surgar in it.

We found out how to clean the ball and mantle, but its burning while short pathing, and our oil is not clear.

We need another solution besides fixing the fridge, no one will come where we live to fix or replace, but we do plan on getting a better freezer when we relocate.

But for now if anyone has any solution we would greatly appreciate it.

A heptane/water lle will remove it. Barring that, very fine filtration after vigorous decarb will at least reduce ghe quantity


This may be way wrong, but water wash the trim to start…

Could see the temptation but will run into issues with extraction selectivity and recovery unless you re-dry the material.

Better to wash the crude after extraction or avoid sugars altogether with properly separated biomass and cold extraction

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