Sugaring issue, is my pot the problem?

So I’ve recently set my lab back up after a short time down, and almost every single slab I have made since starting back up has sugared.
My tech has remained the exact same, and this issue was rare before these new runs at the new spot.
Same CRC media, same oven temps, same slab thickness, and Ive even ran the same material and I cannot escape the sugaring issue.
I recently pulled the spout off the bottom of my pot again (I pulled everything apart and deep cleaned before setting back up), and I noted that at the bottom of my collection pot in the area the spout threads into, there are two small etches in the metal.
This is the downspout area of my pot directly above the threading. I’ve added two images for reference.
Could this be causing my sugaring issue?
I’ve tried cleaning everything thoroughly, especially the CRC filtration, lowering oven temps, using less media, and I cannot seem to fix this issue.
Any advice would be appreciated

is ur material more fresh than normal.

running cold can tend to do this w fresh material esp crc

I’ve ran a huge variety of material so far, including some material that I had run before with no sugaring issues. Same batch, just ran some before the new spot and some after.

I think I may have introduced some amount of moisture into my system recently. I changed the sight glass on my solvent tank and I think when I did that I may have added some small amount of condensation to the solvent.

Gunna run the whole batch of solvent over a fresh batch of molecular sieve, deep clean and pull a nice deep vacuum on my solvent tank, and see if that help.

I had a buddy suggest maybe pouring with a larger amount of solvent left in the pot may help, but I haven’t experienced this issue before the last two weeks and I was pretty consistent with the pouring.

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have u regenerated ur sieve beads lately

if not dump put and Cook oven