Sugar instead of shatter


I dont soak though


Soaking isn’t necessary.


I like 10:1 but most are happy at 5:1


i could put my fuel tank in the cryo freezer… just for an undeniably cold start. You folks think i should go back to cryo freezing the trim going in as well?

would you say moisture in the trim or the solvent? Its dry trim, but it is also stored in the closed, but also the atmospherically untreated part of my shop…


No soak!!! Think that could be part of the issue, crashing in the material column perhaps… never considered that…
So just fill it and run.


I push straight though. But my yields are garbage


I would try to stop freezing everything. You’re not going to get “shatter” with that.

It could also be your material or atmosphere.

Have you emptied your tank, blown it out well with nitro, and pulled a good, long, deep vac. And starting over from there


are you referring to solvent to material ratio… i have been doing two flushes which would be a 10:1… You think double flushing could be part of the problem?

I have maxed out my first day number of replies… I’ve read on here quite a lot, but never posted…


No i empty completely and let it air out. Vac it down before i refill every time i distill.


I nvr had that problem before, but i did notice my finished product being darker. Even refreezing my column.


Tane might have a part to play also, ntane is usually more stable for me. I usually use iso


I was telling him that


Definitely don’t do two flushes. If anything, just send twice the solvent over the material. Not two soaks.


I waz refering to types of tane


I was responding to him and wasn’t asking about your tank


I know, but it might solve issues i been having also,



Aaahhh. Makes sense. Ya, I blast mine out with nitro for a few to make sure nothing is in there, then vac it down.


Straight nugg runs seems to sugar easier then a trim or smalls… set your oven at 80 let set 10 to 15 min for the slab to warm up… then pull vac to about 15… let set over night… pull out of vac cover and let sit on a chilled rack until it hardens and then flip and put back in oven and pull full vac… aggitation after pour always seems to burn me… dont use a spatula to help pour. If you do wipe it on another peice of ppaper. 70/30 makes it gold but also seems to be softer then butane… this is what i do on sapier runs and has been helping alot… gets me to like a snap n pull texture usually… if that dont help try a different solvent batch.


I stopped freezing it to get out shatter and that seems to be helping. Thanks @Dred_pirate! I poured some of the frozen thinker, in jars and it’s saucing out when I do freeze it. Do you ever have issues with bubbles being able to pop in such a low temperature @Dabbedone?


Yes… ill raise the temp a few degrees after a flip if its firmed up enough that the bubbles wont pop…