Subzero Scientific now has a store in Southern Oregon!

Hello fellow GLG members. I am managing the Subzero Scientific store in Grants Pass Oregon. Our address is 440 G Street Grants Pass and we are open M-F 11-5PM. We manufacture and sell butane and ethanol extraction equipment including butane falling films, centrifuges, thc remidation devices, pumps, crc collums and media, terpene extractors, decarboxilation devices and more! Contact me if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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Butane falling film. Approx 10lbs a minute recovery

135 GPH ethanol falling film

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Epic. You guys are OGs!

Lotta guys popped out the last few years claiming to be all that…cough cough

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From stainless tri-pod open blast to here :stuck_out_tongue: Lew switched to closed loops as soon as he read the skunk farm article and then its all been slowly improving the design since then!