Submersible pump

I bought a magnetic driven eco 633 submersible pump, but I am trying to step it up with a stronger pump. Is this pump, in the picture shown, magnetic driven? Looking to pump cold iso through a 100lb solvent tank


I tried reading into more info on this specific product and can’t find anything

Here is a description of the product if that helps anyone

Why not step up to a bigger one of the eco plus series?

That could be an option. The only reason why I have this question is because I have leftover sump pumps from when I used to grow

Set sump pump you listed the specs for says it has a thermoplastic impeller. So I would look and see how well that thermoplastic would do with the alcohol you’re trying to circulate through it at cold temperatures

Just pulled it apart and checked out the impeller. The plastic it’s made out of is pretty damn thick and sturdy. I just plugged it all in outside and tested it with iso, then let it run for 5 mins. It worked perfectly… just being extra cautious about running it everyday. Still gotta do more research. Thank you for your input!

Here’s a photo of the inside impeller If that helps anyways

Those pumps tend to produce alot of heat if ran constantly, never tried to pump cold slurry with it so not sure how well it will do with that but they do get hot.

I have a bunch of those everbuilt pumps laying around been wondering the same thing. I’ll give one a slurry test this week an see how it holds up

Have you tried it with a cold slurry? I tried today w a ethanol slurry and the pump wouldn’t turn on in the slurry. Didn’t break the pump it turned on as soon as I dropped it in water it was too viscous I think

Yeah same thing happened with me. My solution was me having to baby how much ice I put in and make sure it doesn’t get too thick and slow. I ended up going with this pump and it works like a champ. It pumps it way better than the yellow one I posted.

Hell ya good tip! I got it to a slurry before I put the pump in. I have a everbuilt pump also but dif model maybe I’ll scoop one of those. I have a chiller but I’d rather figure out a slurry pump as I already use DI


I was looking at diaphragm pumps also but a lot of them have santoprene gaskets an not sure if they’d freeze up

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Yeah the diaphragm pump was my next option if all else failed. The pic of the pump I just posted actually pumped a slurry. I’ll see if I can get a video tomorrow for you.

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Hell ya I’d like to see it chugging i think I’m gonna order one right now. I saw someone saying the ecoplus 633s work also might get one of each

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I havent spent much time looking into this particular pump, but I would advise against using pumps designed for water to pump solvent under any circumstance. Its a no-brainer from a risk management standpoint. Obviously from a price standpoint it feels like a win…but skin grafts suck and hurting people of course unacceptable. Id recommend your design criteria at a minimum include an explosion proof motor and materials rated for the temperature/chemical being transfered.

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I couldn’t post a video because the file was too large, but maybe you can see the thickness in this shitty screenshot I have for you😂 @gebgemini

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Oh yeah she’s frosted ahahah that’s clutch. And appreciate the heads up @eyeworm I was waiting for someone to chime in with the safety warnings! Do you have any pumps that are rated for this you’d recommend?

Omg guys okay there’s the thing. Take a bucket and make a dry ice slurry, then take a second bucket and set that inside the first bucket. Your pump and circulating ethanol go in the inner bucket, while the dry ice slurry is in the outer bucket. This must be done because bubbles destroy those pumps