Sublimation for purification of cbd derived delta 8

This question is twofold. What impurities are generated when refluxing cbd isolate with T5, and would sublimation be a reasonable method of purification? Or would the impurities co-subliminate (is that a word?) along with the cannabinoids. The goal here isn’t obtaining necessarily pure d8 vs the other cannabinoids, but rather removing potential toxic byproducts

as in short path molecular distillation the way @beaker played it?

unless the problematic molecule is also a cannabinoid, or distills at approximately the same temperature, then distillation should do a decent job on clean up.


I’m curious about this as well, from my understanding the weird by products of isomerstion should end up left in the boiling flask and in your cold trap.

Here’s a recent attempt at d8 with first pass cbd distillate and 5% T5.

There was some conversion to
cbn and cbc and not full conversion to d8.

Carbon refluxed for longer periods/higher heat seems to be the trick to get high conversion to only D8.

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I don’t seem to remember reading anywhere that a toxic byproduct would be formed from a reflux of t5 and cbd. Like @cyclopath said however, if there was a toxic byproduct that did not boil at a similar temp as cbd then a careful distillation or sublimation should in theory separate it quite well.
I’m actually in the process of making some cbd isolate as we speak. I’d be happy to use some to perform this experiment for the community using my sublimator. I myself am now curious what would result.


yeah exactly as @beaker was discussing


The whole point of sublimation of the results for me is to remove some of the question of weither or not toxic byproducts will result. I’m questioning if it would be safe to just neutralizing the ph and filtering then recovering solvent. The end goal is smallest scale practical without sacraficing safety of end product


Gotcha, that definitely makes more sense then using a sublimator to try and isolate large amounts of d8 derived from cbd lol I misunderstood a little bit, my apologies.
To try and answer your original question a little better, isolating the possible byproducts should definitely be possible via sublimator. However with that said, I don’t think the sublimator would be more effective at isolating impurities than a carefully performed short path distillation. You may find it easier to do this via spd since to recover the product from sublimation you have to disassemble the apparatus and collect the product from the bottom of the cold finger with a razor blade or similar instrument. Might be easier to use a small short path with a cow and several collection flasks so you can collect a few fractions without having to take anything apart and break vac. Just my .02. Hopefully that was a little more helpful to you

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I assumed it was a “parts on hand” thing :slight_smile:

I agree that if one were specifically selecting distillation gear for this trick, it would be considerably easier to collect (and test/ID) fractions with a more traditional SPD.

@beaker had one with a 50ml boiling flask, which I hope is now in @Roguelab ‘s possession.


nah its more a “cheapest way to do this” project. I have a 5l short path at the lab but id like to find something suitable for small scale at my house

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Depends on how you make the D8


Playa dust?!?

Does one have to worry about uranium?

Na, it’s organic.

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