Stubborn butane removal "stuck" butane

I have an interesting problem, which has led me to search and search for anyone with similar issues but havent found anything.

I have some BHO which I cannot remove all of the residual butane from.
No matter what I do, I can’t remove it.

I’ve gone as far as replacing my chamber and pump, but still the bubbles keep rising.
Eventually, the bubbles go and the oil is flat. It would appear that it’s finished, but take it out, whip it a little, place back in the chamber and it will muffin up again. Its been about 2 weeks now under vacum with whipping occasionally.
Ive tried not whipping it and leaving it for a number of days.
I’ve tried extra heat, Ive tried it cold.
Ive tried it in a 250mL Mason jar, Ive also tried it laid thin on parchment paper.
Its current consistency is very thin and runny, never has it even started to look like buddering.

Ive tried just leaving it on the heat pad for days, then back in the chamber for the same muffin.

I’m quite sure its the material, as I’ve never had this issue in the past. Material is blue dream flower.

Sorry if I have missed any info, ask away.


How do you know you have butane left in it?


Plot twist: bro has been baking a butter honey oatmeal souffle for the past 2 weeks.

Real talk though, I bet your oil is beyond purged.


I can taste it and see large bubbles when it hits the banger.

That would be awesome :joy:

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Butane shouldn’t have a taste, but besides that.

Large bubbles could very well be a copious amount of residual pesticides/fungicides. More likely to be so than butane at this point


No pesticides or fungacides were used in the growing

Decarbed it is what it sounds like


My partner just tried it, she wont usually smoke it unless its properly purged or it gives her difficulty breathing.
She said it seemed fine to her lol
Sooooo… Maybe ive just been sucking air bubbles and decarbing…

Who knows!


Did you switch up you butane supplier? Clean gas (BVV, SD, CG) is crucial.
The bubbles in your picture appear too large to be from decarb. So, was everything cold enough on that run?

Have you considered paying to test it?

Do you know how many mg of thc it takes to get you high in an edible?

If so you could try a bioassay. Start with the assumption your material is 50% decarbed and 80% (theoretical) THC.

Eg if 400mg of THC is your happy place, eating a gram that was actually 50% decarbed would hit the spot.

If your happy place is 40mg, eating a gram that’s 5% decarbed will do the trick…but 20% decarb would rock your whirled (which is why you start by assuming 50% or more decarb)

My experience is that folks can definitely tell if you double or half their favored dose

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Definitely, I didnt change anything about my extraction method.
I did however replace my pump 3 days ago, so it’s only been degassing with the new pump for that long.

Is it possible do you think, that my old pump was the culprit even though it was still pulling full vac?

I did wonder if those bubbles were too big to be decarb bubbles.