Strain review thread. 🍁

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday aftrrnoon. Let run a thread reviewing strains you have ran and are currently running. What did you like/dislike, potency, ease of growing, potency, bag appeal ect…


Stoked you started this thread. Where to start…

These are a couple slap n tickle phenols 2/4—gmo x grape pie —cannarado seeds

Haven’t dealt with this kind of leaf structure before.

From seed these 2 have been noticeably slower in veg and overall smaller in stature. But with a decent mother, a raised bed full of these would look super cool.

Another note: out of the 6 fem seeds I started I had 2 of the phenos totally dry when I did an IPM spray. Never had this happen before lol. I’m super confused by it. They were in the middle of the room and everything, not at the end of the spray bottle. Assuming they were just more sensitive?..


Its gonna take me a while to list all mine. Let me do a dab and get some popcorn and a comfy chair.


I will post here in a few hours.

Flowering time
Yield / density
Ease of trim


Foul mouth from dungeon vault genetics

All Phenos are super vigorous, smells like skunk and pine


I know you got many lol. How often do you swap out mothers? or do you let them stay big?


Blue dragon bx3 from sun grown genetics in the far left. From seed. Little bit late in the ground. I have grown these before from a different pack of seeds. Blueberry terps come through heavy, seems to be an easy strain to grow. Always looks happy and yields solid. It’s the only sungrown genetics strain that didn’t have 10/10 bag appeal (but imo the blueberry terps make you for that since I am making it into concentrates)

The other 2 rows are clones (Transplanted into ground today) from a couple friends: duct tape, cherry pie, gg4, Gelato, purple punch, 7, Maximus and headcheese

I don’t have experience growing these clone strains, but some other members around here might…


No mothers, ever in 10+yrs. A stable grow environment is key to securing the genetics and not have any degradation.


WTF! I know what your saying here but… Dude that’s a freakin gamble!.. Something IDK if I could do if I had any real keepers. God bless ya!


I take clones 2 weeks before flip. I always have a rotation, and never loose anything.
Like I said, my entire grow is dialed in better then GM or Ford.


It’s hard to put in words so many different strains. I only flower a select bunch.

Those with an “*” I flower every run

Fire og
Og kush x sfv og

East coast sour diesel

Hyperglue x astro dawg

Hyperglue x bluemagoo

Hyperglue x deathstar2

Hyperglue x cherry pie

*Hyperglue x rotten mayo

Hells Angel’s OG

*Darlins net Dansbud pheno
Gg4 X dmt

Mob boss
Blockhead x tang tang

*Duct tape
Gg4 x do-si-do

*Chaos by seed pac
Gg4 X sfv og

Cherry pie
Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison

Strawberries n cream
Straw cough X white


Wifi x moontang

Bruce banner

Purple Lamborghini
Purple urkle x triple OG

*Sugar cane
Platinum x slurricane


How is your hyper magoo? Grew a super silver blue magoo that was off the chain. I got a five pack of regs as a bonus with an order and got 1 female.

The super silver blue magoo I grew smelled like berry wine and was a mix of lavender and blue shades. Only strain I have ever had dripping a “sugar” like substance at the base of the fan leaves, at the end of flower


Awesome list @Demontrich. Respect!


A different sugar cane pheno


Beautiful @Hansel!

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Thanks bro!
Same plant


These are the next packs from sun grown I wanna try. I would be stoked to see any else grow them as well!

I’m a sucker for purple punch crosses


Reviving a sleeping thread…
Hey Hansel, my new place we are moving to has sandy soil and it looks a lot like the soil in your pictures.
Sand is new to me. Can you give me some backstory with your dirt plz?
Water and feeding techniques are the main interests, bc my previous spot required very little attention to this, I was so spoiled. But new opportunities about. I can shift to anything…

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Well, hansel isn’t available right now. But I might be able to help…

~15 gallon holes with and amended (Budget) version of build a soils v3 recipe.

Fed with silica, fulvic and teas in veg. Top dressed and mulched a lot.

In flower I used silica, fulvic and a couple soluble bloom nutrients. And again, lots of top dressings.

Water source was non ph’d well water

An assortment of foliar feeds.

Man, I’m sick of butthole jokes and ready for summer…


I’m bringing soil from my river bottom for mixing, homemade 100 gal air pots made with weed fabric. These set on the alluvium marsh. The rest is 10 ft of pure silica based sand. Same as you is well water.
I’m a subsurface irrigation kinda guy. Interesting thinking of the needed changes.
Looks like mulching is a must. We have very hot and strong winds and extreme temperatures heat.
What growth point could you see sand doesn’t have enough nutrients in the soil? Veg? Flowering?