Storing washed ethanol?

If I’m bottlenecked on solvent recovery how can I effectively store the rest of the washed ethanol for later use on the roto vape?

And how long before degrading the product?

Keep away from heat, light and air, it’ll keep near indefinitely.

Pop it in the freezer and you’re fine. If you wanted to get real fancy backfill the storage container with nitrogen.


Thank you. I hate opening topics that most likely could be found, although I just couldn’t find an answer for that. Appreciate it😀


should be well preserved in that ethanol.

Light and heat will degrade tinctures over time, as do large fluctuations in temp. Keep it stable.

I would avoid storing it in plastic long term though amber glass is best.


If you are trying to preserve THC-a, you might slowly decarb your concentrate over time if you leave it in ethanol. I have read that THC-a dissolved in ethanol will slowly decarb over the course of months… Might not want to store for more than a week or two if you need THC-a


Been wondering something similar. Thanks for asking the question, and thanks for those that answered.