Storing “crude” to later make shatter?

So I cleaned out my solvent tank and completely replaced the gas. It made a huge difference in my pressure which is awesome but now I cannot get my oil to flow through my crc while it’s cold and I’m beyond frustrated and way behind.

I was having great success redissolving slabs and running through my crc warm and I was wondering if I could do a run and pour my oil and maybe muffin it then at a later time redissolve it and clear up the colour?

I don’t want to purge it completely to persevere as many terps as I can.

Is this doable or would this cause a problem I’m not aware of?


store with an inert gas (nitrogen or argon) blanket in a vessel in refrigerated storage. when taking it out of the fridge let it warm up to avoid water condensing on the surface. you will probably see crystallization happen during this storage.

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Crystallization shouldn’t affect anything in the long run as I’m able to dissolve everything again?

crystals are pretty stable for long term storage.

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technically true, but in practice, if you’re aiming for shatter, you will find that attempts to melt crystals invariably fall short of completion.

so they act as seeds, and your “shatter” turns to sugar in short order.

if you’re actually redissolving by adding more solvent, rather than “melting”, you will probably have some success. meticulous cleanliness of your transfer lines and storage containers will help (a 1/2g of sugar in a transfer line can potentially seed an entire pour…)