Stoned and confused about labeling

So log story short I moved out to Oregon about two weeks ago. Anyways I’ve been smoking the bob sled farms concentrates. I purchased some Somoas cookies. It contains thc-79.42% cbd-0.1% cannabinoids-94.75% terpenes 7.37%. The part I do not comprehend cannabinoids total content equals 94.75 percent and the terpenes read 7.37 percent if my math is correct 102.12 percent. I’ve been under the impression the cannabinoids content was just the cannabinoids and the terpene content was separate. I guess this isn’t the case. Sorry if this is the wrong section just figured this would fall unde testing and analytics


I’ve had some extracts do that. I don’t understand it either. I wouldn’t mind someone smarter than me explaining it, too.


This is the first one I got like this. All the other ones would add up between 90 to 99.99 percent so I assumed the cannabinoids been separate from the terps but today got me second guessing

I’m guessing the company just went the extra mile to get their terpenes tested. I think it generally costs extra to get terps tested which is why we usually only see cannabinoid content. I’m guessing

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I understand that but what I am asking is the 94.75 cannabinoids percentage with the terpenes included. I was always under the impression cannabinoids and terpenes are different so if you add up the total terpene content with the cannabinoids content I always assumed I would have my total percent of medicine then what ever the left over percent would be waxes lipids etc. instead I am left wondering if there was an error in the labeling or are some companies included terpene content in the cannabinoid content. Unfortunately I don’t think medicine can have a percent over 100. For example if I bought 1 grams of concentrate and it says total cannabinoids-85 % then 850mg is cannabinoids then if terpenes-10% then 100 mg of terpenes add them together you get 950mg of medicine and then 50 mg of fats lipids etc.

So, the only logical answer (still hyperbole) is that the cannabinoid percentage would be what the distillate was tested at. Then 7% Terps were added to the mix and this “falsely” labeled live resin. I use pretty much that amount of Terps for a cart, cause it won’t burn at less than that. So that would just mean they didn’t want to recalculate the actual percentages. Again, this is all hyperbole.

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I was also thinking they were possibly reintroducing the terps but the consistency is like apple sauce so very small sugar crystals.

Where are the people from Oregon. I’m sure they will have a better understanding on exactly this label means I just moved here recently

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I have extracts that have exceeded that 100% mark. I didn’t add anything into it. I can go dig out my test results. But it was %96.94 cannabinoids and %4.94 terps. I’m still befuddled by it.


Interesting thank you dred, I feel better knowing it’s the lab rather than the company mislabeling. I wonder what the people in the lab think when they get these numbers :man_shrugging:


I have no idea. I still want someone to us what it is. It’s probably simple

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Shitty labelling from shit companies that don’t care about customers. Buy a different product.

I’m not a shit company with shit labeling, but here’s my test results to confirm what we’re talking about


Sorry, I didn’t know it was you here trying to address the issue. Are you labelling your products or your distributor? Someone needs to fix the labelling.

I was being facetious.

The brand I extract for will post the results in the display, or whomever they wholesale to. This one is the only one that I’ve had break that border. I don’t think the terpenes play directly into the cannabinoids but there’s definitely something weird about it.

His packaging does look a bit off. That low of thc percentage to be that high of cannabinoids.

Ohhh, I see. Well being slightly over 100% isn’t entirely abnormal, all potency results are +/- some confidence interval. I don’t know what’s acceptable standard of accuracy, we would have to ask an expert.

That’s separate from the labeling in the original post, which is clearly confusing. That is the fault of whoever OK’d that printout and label, not the testing lab, and I am calling them out for their lazy behavior which is an uncool thing to do to customers. But whatever, it’s forgivable, they aren’t doing anything nefarious, just not careful labelling.

Anyhow, what they probably mean is “active THC” is 79.42%. Active THC = THCA*0.877% since THCA is 12.3% by weight CO2 that is lost during decarboxylation. Pure crystalline THCA is only 87.7% actual THC by weight when decarboxylated (dabbed). So a gram of 100% THC distillate is more THC than a gram of THCA crystalline.

The total on the original package is 102.12% That still might be within an acceptable margin of error of the testing process (again I dunno, would have to ask a testing lab expert).

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Do You have the weight numbers for cbda to cbd ? @SoStupendous

@Homegrown34. Your initial interpretation on what the numbers mean was correct. Total Cannabinoids is addition on IDd cannabinoids (so delta10 doesn’t count)

There is error associated with all measurement. The reason the numbers add to more than 100% is simply that they are all individually slightly higher than reality.

In OR the labs have to get within 10% of reality. Because numbers sell product, coming in 10% below reality is not a wining strategy. Result? Numbers that add up to more than 100%


Ya, that’s what I was trying to say


Thank you cyclo that explanation I can understand and totally makes sense. Looking at it from a business perspective makes more sense in why you want the higher numbers.