Sticky shatter

I got ahold of some really got slabs of shatter but they were for sure pulled from oven too soon. Super good smell just gets sticky when you touch. Don’t have a vacuum oven so can someone please help guide me in right way.

Throw it in a flat pyrex thinly on a bouble boiler heat plate setup at 90-110f with cheese cloth over so no contaminates intrude for a couple days.

make sure it isnt CBD


sometimes the texture is caused by the material. 100% of the time ive seen sticky shatter THAT WAS NOT TAMPERED WITH it is unstable, barely stable/pull and snap.

the only time ive seen sticky shatter while it being stable is when its been tampered with…meaning someone sprayed some kind of terps on it to give it a nose…the surface would be sticky — sometimes can string up with your hand…but the shatter would be stable. just my 2 pennies.

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can you post a pic?

If it’s made from really old material and no CRC I’ve had stuff that stays sticky.

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So I understand everything everyone is saying and the hot plate or double boiler idea is good idea with the resources I have but honestly I was in hurry to leave and it should have stayed in vac oven for at least another day.

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Room temp for like 4 hours

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I’m guessing you’re not planning on getting residual solvent testing done…

IMO the “if it don’t shatter, then it don’t matter” days should be long gone at this point. why spend days in the oven removing the terpenes the grower took so much trouble to produce, and the extractor worked hard to preserve?

could it be residual solvent?

sure…but chances are it’s actually terpenes if it spent more than 24hrs in the oven.

only way to know for certain is to send it out for 3rd party testing.


from its form it is lucky if it was in the oven for 4 hours smh and yeah it is very strong Smelling but when it sets out it’s almost a disty Consistency and I’m almost positive it was a closed loop but not 100%

At this point there are only residual solvents left. Just rotate between your fridge and atmosphere in increments of 1 hour until you know the solvents gone. Then proceed to the @NorCal heat gun tek .

Double boiler is a no no because of the humidity. In fact you want 0% humidity in your ideal processing area for shatter. Grab a grow tent and dehum and create a drying room.


“shatter” was made by air drying for days before we co-opted the physicists epoxy curing ovens for our nefarious purposes. so you can “fix” it just by leaving it out in a dust free environment for a day or six.


A day or six :joy:


Put that in jar and walk away…add heat for faster crash

That’ll sugar up great if thca.not cbd


Take a dab, exhale through your nose. If you have a burn there are probably solvent left in it


Could It have been in vac oven at too high temp and now it’s decarbed? I tried the hit thru nose and it does taste like Residual solvent too me.

That would be pretty hot in the oven to decarb. Go old school and let it sit out at room temp flipping everyday. Tane will evap at room temp

it was prob purged at too high temps when processed first.

How old is ur material?

From the looks not old at all

Tske a piece out and jar it up. If u would have the other day u would at least know by now if it’s got thca in it or not

If not it’s old but that’s great clarity If old