Steve's Goods CBD


Our newest level 3 slanger @The_Goods sent me a bunch of samples after having @murphymurri over to verify their facilities.

The CBG oil is of special note, and is really palatable.

The flavored isolate isn’t really my style, but I could see why people would like it.

Overall these guys run a really stand up business. Murphy will post some pics ASAP as well


I visited the Steve’s Goods distribution facility where all the packaging, shipping and recieving goes down in Longmont, Colorado.

These guys have a staff of 15 people who all work out of the same location. I was personally excited to see lots of CBG products in the lineup. They’ve got all the standard wholesale CBD products you’d expect, too, like isolate, tinctures, gummies, bath bombs, etc.

I brought the flavored isolate to my most recent hashclass and it was a huge hit. The fruity flavors are not usually my style but they werent too overpowering. They are always really popular with the tourists who take my class though. :ok_hand::+1:

The staff at Steve’s Goods was very professional and they have dedicated sales staff to manage your accounts. Currently shipping anywhere in America. No Canada sales (yet.)

Sales crew @oliver_crisp & @sourpatches are both available in the forums to answer questions & you can hit up @the_goods directly to set up new wholesale accounts.




but this is great! Thanks so much for coming through to the facility, @murphymurri


Thanks for coming out @murphymurri It was a pleasure to meet you! I would be happy to provide more products for your hash class in the future!

Also, thanks @Future for creating such an amazing community. I have learned just about everything I know from him and won’t ever fully be able express my gratitude!


Have done wholesale with them. Can vouch. @Future do you it is possible to implement a rep system? Would be cool to vote or have a thread where we can post experience/pics of the product or other reviews. Guess it would have to be limited somehow to prevent spammers though…


Like a new sub category?


You should refer people to this post who dont understand the verification process. @murphymurri did an excellent job of showing what stage 3 verification entails.


I personally vouch for Steve’s Goods. This is a stand up crew with awesome products! Thank you @The_Goods for flying out to Florida to help formulate my products and sharing your wealth of knowledge. Kylan and Tyler were super helpful and I recommend them to anyone looking to bring their own brand of CBD products to the market.


Yeah. Maybe limit posting to people who have earned “member” or some equivalent to avoid mass self-promoting. It is along the lines of the lvl 1 verification where it doesn’t protect you, but helps make a more informed decision. And if I see someone who post here really often validate a company I personally would be pushed in that direction.