starting new lab in italy


Hi everyone, im new here but Im reading post since six month.
Im a italian farmer who grow cbd gen. Now im up to start a lab for cbd extraction and looking forward to collaborate with someone intrested in italy scenario( THERE ARENT no COMPETITOR IN THE EXCTRACTION INDUSTRY) and share my work .
first i want to everyone know that im not expert but i read a lot post about cbd exctraction,
my budget are 120k euro a little less than 120 k dollar the GOAL is to extract 100lt of crude oil and 50kg of cbd crystal at month.

i want to procces the vegetal with bho extractor
( bhogart BFO PILOT EXTRACTION SYSTEM on their site you can find the 100lb exctractor but i like to
scale down to 50lb they made custom machine.the machine comes with ICED TECH CHILLER and
master vapor pump. i read reviews on the chiller it dont work well anyone tryed before? instead of the master vapor pump i read a lot of good reviews)

then rotovape the crude in ethanol then wiped film evaporator

7.5 vacuum oven Across International
cryo freezer Ai 27 Cu Ft -86°C Across International

thanks to everyone reading this post, i appreciate any input and I apologize in advance if I wrote somtin wrong but in the last period i read all this post and mybe get confuse

Thanks again


Sent DM


If you want to know the quote of rotovap, short path distillation, chiller and pump, just dm me, I am supplier from China and could provide good price with u


thank you i appreciate


You have quite a high expected throughput for wanting to scale down their extractor.

A lot of companies we deal with in this industry such as bhogart will overquote the capabilities of their equipment.

Check out my extractor i had built in mexico after being frustrated with a falsely quoted bhogart extractor that we spent 100k on. Me and a buddy were pumping out 200 lbs in a day’s work.

Ill let it go for 100k usd as turn key kit with pumps and all.


What city are you in? I’ll be in around Rome/Sorrento in May. It would be cool to have a chat. I may be able to help.


im very near Milan like ten minute by car, but ill came to Rome to take a good espresso with you!thanks midsfactory ill very appreciate your interest.


You’re heading to isolate?

You should at least consider ethanol as your primary extraction solvent.

have you checked out @Photon_noir’s Ethanol Extraction White Paper?


Ethanol extraction is the way to go Please consider iT !!!:+1:


I consider bho for first extraction cuz is the only method im familiar with i never used ethanol before but now im really intrested to know the path i have to follow running ethanol

Thanks cyclopath i really appreciate


I wish i knew more about etho extraction. Italy would be a nice change of scenery


you will have an easier time using hydrocarbon over alcohol. your budget might be a little tight to hit the numbers you’re looking for.

good luck!


thanks for answer me Bro… i feel the same way hydrocarbon is more easier but a lot of people here advice me ethanol extraction. i need to crush crystal but also i need to make cbd oil, i dunno but i feel bho its more dangerous but more easier like you say


me too bro


thanks for sharing this link ill read it over and over for understand everything @cyclopath


thanks bro for writing and for warning me about bhogart but i think the major producers of equipement sell their machine in this way… im able to welding cuz is the first work i but im not so precise;(


huge misconception that hydrocarbons are dangerous. most of the accidents that you here about are simply due to people not knowing how/where to properly setup/run a system. more often than not the space where the system is running plays a huge roll in how safe it will be to operate.