Standard SOP for Europe?

Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a standard SOP for buying/selling … lets say biomass or flower in Europe. The LOI, then the COA, then ??

Is it typical for farmer to ask for deposit before a farm visit?

Just trying to figure out the lay of the land.

Usually It work:
First sample by Farmer to buyer Company, visit from the buyer Company for a in depth sampling (5 to 10 different samples on different random big bag at different points of the big bag), then or: escrow service, or cash on pickup, or deposit and cash on pickup… At least in Italy. At least my Company do since 3 years in this way.

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Deposit before visiting the farm?

Hell no! If you don’t want me looking at how you grew it, you can keep it!!!


I sent you a PM. I am in need of product I dont think this other seller is going to work out