Stalk Diameter Survey

Doing a survey. What are the largest, smallest, and average stalk diameters you’re seeing on harvested plants?

THC cannabis or hemp? Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse? way too many variables. i can grow out an indoor strain in 4 months veg to flower and yield half a pound per plant or outdoor the same strain May to end of October yields 5lbs

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Both? I’m building some post harvest equipment that can handle 1" to 3" stalks, trying to see if we’re going to run into problems at either end of the range.

Biggest stalk i ever saw was about 8 inch diameter. This was an outdoor “Wild Thai”. Such a heavy plant with an S shaped spine.

Our boax clones are as big as your arm at ground level but by 12 inches high have branched into 30 branches smaller than a quarter

We have outdoor Cherry Wine and the average is def. under .75 to 1.5 ".

We are waiting on the rollers for the bucking machine we are going to build. It sure would be nice to have this year, my hands are tired of bucking for sure!