Stainless steel inline color remediation tek (CRC)

The Color Remediation Cartridge (CRC) is used inline within a hydrocarbon extraction system. The CRC typically connects between the material column and the collection base.
The solvent mix passes over filter media, stripping the extract of pigments, moisture, and heavy metals.

The CRC is the second stripping process/step in creating a purified extract. Dewaxing is the first stripping step for successfully purifying extract. The fewer coagulated contaminants such as fats and lipids in the solvent mixture going into the cartridge, the higher the media will actively take effect. Keeping the solvent mix cold while running through the CRC will prevent agitation from occurring to the filter media, increasing effectiveness.
Proper size cartridge is essential at keeping retention time accurate. The filter media takes time to filter out the impurities. Pushing the solvent mixture through the media too quickly will result in inadequate stripping of color.

Recommended starting filter media:
Activated Alumina, adsorbs polar compounds, great for removal of micro
waxes from oil.
Silica 60, has a chromatography effect and separate heavier molecules from lighter ones.
B80, adsorbs pigments, usually associated with the removal of yellow/amber.
DE/Celite, prevents the media powder from contaminating the micron screens, maintaining a constant smooth flow into the collection.

Note: The media used modifies the pH levels in the extract. Be cautious when determining what media to use. The pH level is essential when going into SPD.

Packing the filter media in layers on top of a variety of micron screens reduces the chance of a clog while increasing the flow of the filtered solvent mix.

This unit from ShopBVV implements the required key factors for effectively purifying extract inline a BHO/PHO system.

Moving from batch CR to inline and wondering if any of you using one of these units? If so, how are your results?


Definitely works. Check out the big Indofab CRC thread for more info on it


Having trouble finding the bio filters you referenced. Any hints? :pray:t4:

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They’re just good paper filters similar quality to whatmans

The unit itself is sold with a couple 100ct packs. ShopBVV sells them separately.
They are Whatman equivalent and cheaper. Manufactured from alpha-cellulose and cotton linters. Keeps them from tearing or creating a gap in the filter’s surface (you’ll have this issue with coffee filters), maintaining an analytical grade filtration throughout. :sunglasses:
DM’d you.

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Are you affiliated with bvv?


Because this

Is much better than the bvv kit, and it’s less than 1/3 of the price…


I’ll buy shit from bvv, but the markup for their kit with off the shelf parts is criminal.


The extra money is for the fittings and valves



I can add the fittings into for probably $50-60 but most people like to fit better valves then I carry in stock which is why I sell them bare. I always have stock of 1/4”,3/8”, and 1/2” valves, but I know most of the people here prefer baller valves.


You just proved my point exactly.

No matter which way they try to spin this, it’s a rip off

It’s actually quite comical if you add up what each piece costs alone…


I’m looking to talk tech about CRCs specifically inline with a hydrocarbon CLS, what type of speed/flow are people seeing, powders their using, etc. I’m assuming you use one of these? Seems similar to the BVV minus the valve hardware, dutch weave, and filter stack. Would you please expand on why this spool and filter plate contraption are “better”? How are you running it inline your CLS?

Well, you’re post looked like an ad, there wasn’t a single bit of information that hasn’t been posted over and over here.

So until you address that, I’ll ignore your questions as well.

And one reason is all I need, killas crc is less than a 1/3 of the price. Nuff said.


Dude go to the crc thread. This has been talked about


A busted/leaky ball valve is such a mess and pain in the ass. Paying the extra $$ for valves = right choice :+1:


first extractor i bought and that got me into the business was from u guys. And it came with leaky valves and i was offered a free t-shirt. LOL


Buy them then, his unit is still cheaper.
Fuck bvv

This is definitely a shill account for bvv




This is the same shit open source steel tried to pull on me with their new 80k extractor. I asked them if it was available without all the add ons and they said “the add ons are to the benefit of the extractor and the extraction experience”.

Sounds like horse shit to up charge me on anything and everything possible