Stainless Beer Kegs

Really nice looking small stainless steel kegs are sold at a very nice price point. The neck is threaded, so an adapter can screw in (spear type dispenser).

Has anyone used any of these, for smaller volume gas storage?

It doesn’t specify what screw size that pressure relief valve is, but maybe that opening could be repurposed. These also don’t show any pressure ratings.

I am interested in small volume tanks, not the big guys.

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@cyclopath is our kegg master ( one of his many master skills)
If someone knows he does


I have been known to hand off 5gal soda kegs pressurized with 30-40 PSI of nitrogen to minions rather than risk them accidentally emptying my only N2 cylinder.

Even done it so I could just walk away from a “push” filtration and not worry about me emptying the tank.

I wouldn’t use kegs for anything over 50 PSI. The ones I use these days come with a deliberately scored 135PSI blowout on the bottom.

I have, but would not recommend, had hydrocarbon extract in kegs at 35PSI for a “run it now, pour it later” implementation. It wasn’t a good idea.


Thanks for the insights. I would really like a few tiny tanks, for my tiny CLS.

When operating normally, I rarely use more than a liter of gas at a time, and I run passive. I need tanks that are small enough that they can be easily warmed or cooled.

The 64 oz size mini-kegs look so nice, too bad they won’t hold higher pressure.

Any suggestions, aside from DIY spools? Think tiny, and shiny.

What about these? 64 ounces, 150PSI, NPT port on each end.

With a super good cleaning, and some valves and such?

If you have recommendations for kegs we can use I’d love suggestions. 15-25 gallon kegs

I think that I have found “the one”.

Tiny, should hold around 4 liters.

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The tank shouldn’t be fill passed 70% I believe. I try to stick to 60% myself though.

Good luck!

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Yeah, I have always, looked at 80% top end. That is not a big deal, I would probably not load it more than around 50%.

Safety first!

I’ll be following along, you’re onto a cool little tank here.

This isn’t cheap, but kinda neat. 1 gallon or 5 gallons with an expansion kit.

Comments indicated that brewing kegs will not hold 150psi.

Found this:

At least with propane, a 5 pound tank will have around 4600ml (1.22 gallon). If you are a small extractor, using 300ml cans of gas. This size tank will easily hold 12 cans, and still not be close to max fill.

11 pound tank is around 10.1 Liters, or 2.67 gallons
20 pound tank, around 18.4 Liters, or 4.86 gallons
A 1 gallon tank is around 4.5 pounds, or 4.1 Liters
1/2 gallon tank is around 2 pounds, or 1.8 Liters

Here is a converter that you may find useful:

I intend on using one of these:

I will eventually get a Y-valve, to convert to a recovery tank. Right now I will just use an adapter.


Yeah, that one is that only rated for 40 psi.

Not that this is for a small tank, it is just cool.


Changing to a Y valve might be a pain those valves are gleud in a torch i have always needed to get them out

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Probably overkill anyways. Easier to get a bigger one, pre-made.

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Here’s a 15 lb tank, it’s rated for 6lbs of solvent. It’s what I use now. I got mine for 65 shipped, it looks cheaper here though.

That tank is nice, comes with a Y-valve too.

15 pounds is about 13.8 Liters, or 3.65 gallons.

Larger than my original thoughts, but the price is the same as the smaller tanks.

I have this and a coil, I run the coil through a dry ice/isopropyl slurry, and it’s great.

Something I learned from these forums. @J12 in particular, just want to give credit btw.

The coil is an extra cost, but so far I really like it. @Killa12345, is where I got my coil, from their website I believe. The price is great and if you attach some flared ends on it, you’re good to go.

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Call Falling Formulations and ask for a custom built tank

They do asme bolt seals instead of tri clamp on request

Was told they have a micro Falling film model too!

I saw a super sweet micro hydrocarbon extractor once with a micro Falling film attached, it was FREAKING NEAT, not production, but about the most badass sickest looking personal setup I’ve seen in my life. Hands down.

Mention my name get 5% off :sunglasses::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::metal: