Stackable vacuum chambers/oven



Was gonna make some polycarbonate Chambers, trying to decide thickness (1/2"?) and size (12"x24"x1"high). Cut them into stackable rectangles. Then I’d put these pads between each layer to provide infrared heat to the top and bottom. Was thinking each chamber would run me about 60-80$ and hold about 40g? The best part is I can just stack a near unlimited amount and the put valves on a ballast. The modular design would let me turn them on/off one by one as each was ready. Hoping it would be able to hit 28" mercury of vacuum, with etoh evap at around 30-40c.

Anyone built anything like that? I think it would be 1/2 the price of an oven setup.


I like the idea a lot.


I have an extra oven for sale I can do a killer deal on…


Thx! Gonna make a pilot this week I think.
There’s some cheap 1/2" stuff on Craigslist that I’m gonna try out. Gonna make a few chambers. I think on a 12x12 you can use 1/2"? I’ll probably play around until I break one lol


I’m not sure on the 1/2”


Stainless steel frying pans as the base…
Can buy them used for 5$
Thick base
Can make them stackable pretty easily…
Then polycarbonate sheet on top
Cheapest vacuum oven design yet!


Maybe a saucepan is worth trying out, even a cheap one should hold up to stromg vac and they are a tad taller than a frying pan.


Yeah for sure. might even be ok on Teflon coated…though I also recently heard all Teflon is bad for you always.

Height is kinda bad with the infrared heating pads inbetween. you want the radiant heat to hit from top and bottom ideally


I use a hot water bath for radiant heat and oven style heat