SRI Instruments Model 310 GC potency testing

Model 310 medical marijuana GC system

Compact medical marijuana analyzer

$10,495 USD

The model 310 medical marijuana GC system tests marijuana for cannabinoids (THC, CBD, THCa, CBG, CBDa,CBN, etc.), terpenes (pinene, myrcene, limonene, etc.), as well as residual solvents (butane, ethanol, etc.).

It is a fast, simple, and precise way to test your product, while providing a laboratory grade analysis
No prior experience with lab equipment is necessary. One half day (four hours) of free training, good for up to four people, is provided at our Los Angeles area offices
No external gas cylinders are required to operate the model 310 medical marijuana GC system, as it is equipped with a built-in hydrogen generator and air compressor.

The 310 medical marijuana GC system features:

*a flame ionization detector (FID)
*a built-in hydrogen generator
*a built-in air compressor
*a MXT-500 capillary column for cannabinoid and terpene measurement
*a Hayesep D packed column for residual solvent measurement

*a heated injection port
*a on-column injection port
*a built-in PeakSimple USB data system (includes PeakSimple software for Windows PC at no extra charge)

**free technical support and software updates for the life of the GC system


Anyone use one of these?

Really need something for trim testing, it’s getting crazy out there. Thanks


I’ve used one, works well when the right person operates it but will be useless in the wrong hands. Careful and precise lab work is the key here.
Am considering getting one now for in house analytics.


Had one for months. Absolutely love it. I’ve ran hundreds of samples.

Analytics have been one of the most important tools I have. It’s amazing no longer flying blind.


Looking for a used gc machine


Very interested on this unit for our extraction facility, also looking for a product to work in synergy for covering other needs pesticides and heavy metals etc…

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Search HPLC in the bar and look through some discussions.

There are several models/ equipment providers. Need to have competent operators

Good luck!

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Hey Summer,
What type of CRM does one use to quantify the amount of butane present in a sample when using an FID detector? I am having trouble finding suppliers for certified reference materials containing dissolved butane.

I Own one it works really well especially for the price

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Forgive me, what does CRM stand for?

May I ask, what you mainly use it for?

Direct message me if you would like further information.

For months? What happened?

Still have one lol, just meant I’ve been running it in past tense.

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If you’re going to buy one at the base level your precision is going to be very important. Manual injection is kind of tedious and can have lots of room for error, but fine for a small inhouse lab. I’d reccomend getting am autosampler and some good sample prep tools to reduce inaccuracies and deviations.

Someone a while.back posted a link to an auto/manual syringe can’t remember what it was called though

Hey Summer, CRMs are certified reference materials. Most GCs I have seen for oil + gas industry have a valve to connect gaseous standards for quantifying the gasses (like butane) in an unknown sample. I wondered how the SRI GC could do butane quantification, and what type of standards are used for its quantitation.


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here’s their documentation on butane calibration, hope this helps

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Can someone give a run down on how one would test distillate with one of these GCs

you add x amount of product to a vial then x amount of solvent, mix it then inject into the machine?

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These and some of the other videos might help.

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