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Happy to see you back and doing well @squig!


well some good news.

there are quite a few new journals on rutracker thanks to the hyperlab crew.

I am downloading 4 pharmacy journals at the moment.



if you find anything in there you want indexed let me know and ill make it next on the


also if I do get things wrong please let me know.

I am not working in this industry and there will be times when I miss understand something.



my money is on the complex as FeCl3 does.

there both lewis acids so I am sure the same effect to different degrees would happen.

the more I think about it the colloidal idea is not possible as Al is so reactive.


Speaking of Lewis acids I was curious as to what the changing of solvents would do to my delta 8 reactions. I found that P-toluensfonic acid/cbd refluxed in Hexane for a short period of time seemed to produce a notable amount of CBC to the tune of 17%.
I’ve wondered if it was the lower heat and shorter time frame that did this or purely the different solvent but I had no one to ask, but then Just like that SQUIG IS BACK!
Happy to have you back buddy!


Wb @squig :octopus::grinning::v:t2:



cbd is legal here now yippy.

still there is a market to be had here big time.

only one company is trying for TGA approval if you follow the info online (of course

there could be heaps that I just don’t know about)

still pure CBD is untested in court yet but I think give it time and that will be

available as well as really CBD needs to be in higher doses if oral.

I must say I am glad I am not trying for TGA approval they can be really tough when

it comes to these kinds of things.


most tosic reactions are done in toluene as water and heat will turn tosic acid back

into toluene and sulfuric acid.

this is not a problem if the solvent is toluene as it then converts back to tosic acid

and an equalibrium is formed.

I do not think sulfuric acid would react with hexane so I think whats happening

is first you are isomerizing to delta 9 then the double bond moves over to delta 8

as this is happening some of the tosic has reverted back to sulfuric which I think is

breaking the molecule after it has formed delta 8.

we can see the double bond has moved to the delta 8 position and the ether has

formed so it has isomerized past delta 9 too delta 8.

tosic acid comes as a hydrate and I think just heating it might start the hydrolysis back

to toluene and sulfuric acid.

is it possible to make CBC from delta 8 with sulfuric acid ?

anyway there is no way I can be sure of this.

if we check this azeotrope table we see that hexane does not form azeotropes with water

(well none that they mention and I think that would be a well known one)

so the water is staying in the solution to react with the tosic acid.


I’m working on this reaction and coming across the same issues. I can get a light yellow oil out of my still with a silica scrub but it quickly turns to a translucent purple.

I’ll dump some literature around the topic that potentially explains what’s happening, hopefully bouncing some ideas around will help:

TiBA Reduction Mechanism: winterfeldt1975.pdf (1.1 MB)

Cannabinoid Oxidation: acs.jnatprod.9b01284.pdf (1.1 MB)

Induced Photolytic Oxidation: galalosman2018.pdf (1.6 MB)

I found it interesting to note that if the CBD/THC is oxidized to cannabinoquinoids, the ketones that are formed would be reduced to alcohol groups in the presence of TiBA.

My organic chemistry is rusty, but I think the mechanism with the TiBA reaction starts with an electron transfer from the C=C double bond. This would produce a carbocation which is free to be attacked by the nucleophilic hydroxyl group, closing the ring. Someone please correct me if i’m wrong here though, like I said my organic chemistry is rusty.

I also noticed you mentioned refluxing TiBA during the reaction in a differnet post, but i’ve found literature suggesting it degrades to DIBAL in the presence of heat (>50-60C) through a beta-hydride elimination. Have you experienced this?


Ooo ^^ out of the woodworks with notes to share.

Thanks and welcome.


Sorry, the last question was directed at @Roguelab

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The reaction profile of the Beam test was basicallyreplicated, without any substantial improvement of yield, bymetal oxidants [FeCl3,K3[Fe(CN)6], MnO2,Cr6±basedreagents, CuCl, CuCl2,Ag2O, NH4Ce(NO3)5] under bothcatalytic and stoichiometric conditions, as well as by peroxide

your third reference.

so if we see the salts they are using a lot of the are lewis acids.

so I would say the left over ions are making the hydroquinone then

giving a positive for a beams test.

you don’t see this if you isomerize CBD with acids so the

metal is whats doing it I think.

lewis acids are electron acceptors as are oxidating agents.


sorry that should have been benzoquinone not hydroquinone.


I recently ran hexane ptsa with zero reflux quenched at peak exothermic…washed, neutralized and distilled.
Clear with slight yellow/golden hues.
In house hplc showed 82% D8 17%D9 balance <1% cbd.
Planning on sending to kca as with an additional toluene rxn (zero reflux) once I distill it.

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@squig we don’t know each other, but I’ve read lots and lots of your studies. Grateful for you brother.
Glad to see you back.


To reflux or not to reflux…will reflux help with better d9 to d8 conversion? The times I refluxed I didn’t see much change maybe a little more D8. I never had an abundance of cbc. I’m interested how this came about @JedClampet

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I am also happy to try what is taboo and then I am honest

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me after trial.


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being an actual snitch probably doesn’t add to your credibility here, even if it’s about something where you already snitched on yourself

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