Squig's back!

Just got the word from the man himself after 9 months.

He’s already doing some digging and will hopefully post soon :slight_smile:


@squig the community has a bunch of riddles that need solving :grin:

I ll start with the easy

Triisobutylaluminium reactions yield high thc D9 yet the end result is often extremely fast oxidizing
And often a purple colored end result
Washing this oil with different solvents shows
That there is something that creates this
And it can be washed out I have not pinpointed it yet but maybe you can shed some light


May need to dm him. His rest may have removed his access here.

Too bad he can’t see your question, @Roguelab. I’m sure after not being here for 9 months he’s not a regular.

Maybe start a new thread outside the taking lounge for that?


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with the amount of horribly incorrect stuff he spreads at the vespiary under his “skektek” guise, it baffles me why anyone would ask the dude for help.

some possibly drug fueled rambling about the operating principles of Liquid Chromatography


@roiplek you ll never get it
We do what we do because we enjoy doing it
Because we have a passion for what we do
And yes we probably take the longest road to get the right results but that is exactly what this is about a journey of learning and exploring
Self satisfaction when we cross a hurdle.
And luckily for us chemistry noob s this is a field where one step synthesis already can give satisfactory results
So @ squig is welcome and a positive contribution to this forum

And if even 99% was wrong that @squig comented 1% is enough to compensate his presence


could be a colloidal metal as they often depending on particle size give different colours

or it could also be a metallation reaction.

I just put up a paper that tested the lewis acids and it was not too favorable as far

as yield.

we have to keep in mind that what they detected in the old days could have been many

compounds as old methods of detection often can not tell some cannabinoids apart

so there results may not always be as they say.


this is not on aluminum and is not a impact rating journal but it should give you

an idea.

they state that should the solution be black brown or purple then colloidal silver particles

are too large.

I would run a test for aluminium to see if it is pressent.

also phenolic compounds can go purple with metal halides and probably other

metallic compounds as well.

ferric chloride is a standard test for phenol and purple being its proof of it being there.


hello steve been waiting for you.

so the only difference is pressure or vacuum ?

so you get a stretching of the compounds down the collumn with DCVC do you ?

why would anyone do flash or normal chromatography if this was the case.

don’t be upset you got banned for some time man on the vespiary.

you were only trying to do what you are trying to do here.

make me leave.

in fact I asked them not too kick you permanantly and all of the staff (who I was
was one of) over there wanted you gone for good.

and yes all of them even the one who told me that he did not invite your dumb arse

over there like you keep telling everyone.

you suck the DCVC dry then add more solvent.

this is not the case with normal chromatography.

the reason being you add different solvent mixtures for DCVC to make the separation

but the collumn must stay wet at all times for normal chromatography.

that does not sound like the same to me.

it may be that your just making this up to upset me.

I thought you were kicked off here too ?

oh ye thats why the new name.

this piece of shit stalked me over there trying to make out that he could

give personal information about me in an a drug forum so as to show the

world who I am and get me in trouble.

it was not enough for him to try this here he had to follow me to other forums.

really a bad person.

I am not going to reply to his comments anymore as it is only fueling the creature.

I make mistakes like everyone.

if I make a mistake you pick up please inform me and I shall fix them.

of course you will need to be a bit more informative than that is wrong.


we even let him keep is self imposed bullshit title.

  • Drill Sergeant and seasoned Tearer of Additional Assholes
  • Subordinate Wasp


I am very proud of this :slight_smile:

778 posts and 2.3k likes I must be a horrible burden on this place thats for sure



what a cute little story @squig :rofl: too bad it’s just as made up as everything else you post.

in fact carl told me in private he wanted YOU gone with all the stupid, speculative, incoherent, irrelevant, incorrect, made-up, page filling shit you post on the vespiary as much as here.

you’ve never been “staff” at the vespiary, and even if - who gives a fuck? just goes to show you’re only after Internet points, wasting everyone’s time.

i did nothing of the sort, in fact i reminded you IN PRIVATE COMMUNICATION that you publicly bragged about “defeating” AUS customs officers with your special packaging request for the isolate you got from someone here you named openly, effectively serving LE the shortest possible path to arresting you both, on a silver platter.

what madman boldly trumpets around in public about breaking laws they could get in jail for and at the same time puts their unwitting accomplice in serious, actual danger of legal prosecution? if that’s what generosity you extend towards people helping you out, noone in their right mind should do so.

those numbers check out

One kiss is all it takes fallin in love with me possibilities I look like all you need :man_dancing:t2:


my thoughts to I am flattered

I am so glad that you have paid so much attention.


CBD is legal over the counter here man.

what you talking about in fact I have turned down three people in the last 24 hours

as I do not wish to break the law by dealing with them.

there will be a time here when all my research into this will pay off but it will be when

my country thinks its time I understand that.

of course we could all just forget it over here and when the time comes we could

have an industry dominated by imports rather than a local industry that is self sustainable

and possible a great export opportunity.

I have made things that were illegal in the past.

I was tried and convicted and did my time.

the things I talk about on the vespiary are either theoretical or something I have already

faced up too.

I am more worried about having someone in the group who is prepared to disregard

peoples safety and freedom just to make them selves feel better.

this was the feeling that the staff at vespairy communicated to me.

its not that your a prick or even that you pick on people.

just that when you run out of ammo you will run too the law.

It took a bit of talking to get them too just keep it a time ban and not for good.

the thought was if we know who you are at least we can warn those involved.

my days of modding chem boards are well over im too busy doing other things.

im locked down again so I have come to continue what I started.

(computer is indexing right now a couple of days ill turn it too search)


Minimum forum civility standards :joy: :rofl:


like this you mean?

or even this?


The maximum penalty for manufacturing a controlled drug is 10 years’ imprisonment or 12 years for an aggravated offence. The maximum penalty increases to 25 years if it involves a marketable quantity of drugs and life imprisonment for a commercial quantity of drugs

and now you’re doing something else entirely? because it looks awfully familiar… (link)

worried how if that’s what you’re doing yourself?

how can i do that if you’ve already taken every opportunity to make sure someone else can’t snitch on you by admitting to everything?


:man_health_worker: diagnosis: delusions of grandeur

warn whom about what, getting caught talking stupid shit? if you actually believe what you’re implying you’d be better off not poking the bear any more.

you better back up ALL of those allegations with facts or i might get a tiny bit angry.


^.^ mornin