Square Buckets for Winterizing

Does anyone have a good source for square buckets for winterizing? They can be clear or white and need to have a sturdy lid for stacking. Thanks for any suggestions

Don t know the temperature you. Winterize at but
Stainlesssteel square Buckets that i use i got at the icecream factory


Cambro’s from a Restaurant supply Store


These [Cambros] are what I have a quote for and was about to purchase but was weary of the soft blue lids. Do you have the soft blue lids or a harder plastic? Thanks

Both, i used them for yrs in the restaurant industry and this one. The rigid lids are hard and usually crack when really cold and trying to open. I wouldnt stack 5 or more with the blue lids but ive never had a problem got a couple in the freezer rigjt now. The rigid one also dont have the indent on the top to keep them in place.

Gotcha that answers my question. Thanks

No problem, i use alot of stuff from restaurant supply stores. The only rhing is make sure the chemical is compatible with the plastic. Mine are fine but ive had them for awhile so just in case they changed the type of plastic

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