Spraying Distillate on Various

I’ve been having customers ask for name brand candies, snacks, chips, cereal which has to be sprayed since you can’t replicate Doritos,Coco Puffs, etc.

I mixed 250g of hemp seed oil + 250g of Delta 8 Distillate + 25 g CBD distillate (just case)= five hundred 500mg edibles (roughly)

I used a hot plate with a stir bar for 7-10 minutes until mixed @ 65 Celsius.

Ex: If I have 15 twinkies I’m spraying 15g of distillate in the glass spray bottle as evenly as possible amount everything. Which theoretically makes each Twinkie 500 mg if I wizarded it.

Then I put in the oven @ 275 F for about 2-3 minutes then I pulled them out, allowed to cool, etc

My whole reason for this post is because I’m having issue evenly dosing everything. Some people are telling me best high ever/too high. Then there is others that say barely felt anything/ normal high off an edible.

Which if anyone eats 500 MG they should be cooked; which causes another problem if they snack on it it’s super difficult to dose the entire product evenly so some parts will have 40mg, 60mg, 90mg,etc.

I appreciate any knowledge or wisdom that can be given

You are tapped out on this Tek. I’d suggest you stay ahead of the curve and learn to make your own edibles from scratch, there’s a reason this is only found on the streets. These will be obsolete soon as the market saturates with legalization.


I highly doubt thats going to deter him making them @WakeNBakery .

Instead of spray and pray I suggest you try to incororate your thc into the products more betta’

For the Candy bars … heat some chocolate up, dose it, temper it and then dip the store bought candy bars into the dosed chocolate.

For the twinkies I would make a thc whipped cream and pump it into the centers

Send your products to a lab and get at least a potency coa for then so you know what your selling.


Just make Twinkies from scratch. Why waste all this time spraying them?

Sprayed edibles are so 2019

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Buy a UV flashlight and look at them in the dark. The THC will glow and you’ll see the hot spots


Sounds like something a bitter old man like Miller lite would say lol


Nope, young and full of wisdom lol

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If you let chips like Doritos get hot, the oil comes out and it is really gross. Adding additional hemp oil would cause this problem to be worse. Even with a Krea heated chocolate sprayer, you are going to get hot spots that won’t test reliably.

What’s wrong with formulating edibles that are infused? It seems like you are introducing a whole new set of problems with this method.


They spray edibles to save on labor which is necessary because they’re undercutting the market heavily against real products, due to a consumers insatiable desire for the cheapest product possible. Why would I buy your from scratch 100mg Twinkie (realistic dose) for 5$ when I can buy this 2000mg sprayed Twinkie for 2$?



You’re still getting a better deal. But thats what personal freedom is, I’d prefer if you buy a homemade 100mg or 250mg or 500mg twinkie for $5-15 rather than a “2000mg” sprayed one thats full of garbage for $2-5. I can’t stop you, you’ll make that choice regardless, I’d just prefer you support a local craft manufacturer and buy a healthier option then support the BM Chad spraying twinkies he bought at Target.


I have been fighting the sprayed crap for 2 years now. We actually MAKE the shit. Everything we sell is made in house. It’s only now that people in the local market are understanding why the sprayed crap is actually crap. It used to fly off the shelves, now it just sits. Took a long time to get validated by people finally realizing that when it is actually made it is definitely better.


I have noticed the same. Same with the prepackaged large made ones in general. People want craft edibles more now then ever due to how fucked the market has been.

In my area, it’s still carts, edibles popped off for a while but now its cereal bars instead of gummies so I’m still trying to get used to the change.

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Cereal bars, brownies and cookies are easy to make. Just remember it takes table salt, potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate 0.1% by weight to make them shelf stable. Cool completely and equalize the moisture content before wrapping.


I started off on cereal bars and brownies, demand changed to gummies now its vice versa. Gonna try out Potassium Sorbate as I have been told before it will help, so now I’ll try it out now that I’m getting back in my cereal groove

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After i made em, stashed in freezer while i made rest, using parchment paper as a barrier on my pans to take em out easy too. Then before i sliced em i thawed em to make it easier to slice and easy to package


A freezer would be great to equalize the moisture in cookies and brownies. I would just make sure they don’t sweat when thawed and packaged. We used totes or mini greenhouse tents that fit a tray per shelf.

It’s similar to the cure process when making gummies. There’s an epic gummy thread on the forums here to make them from scratch. I always just melted down Albanese (for a soft gummy) or Haribo (for a more chewy gummy) before mixing in disty with an industrial wand mixer. The cure time was 3 days for Haribo and 4 days for Albanese before adding sugar or citric acid.

No problems with sprayed on junk ever.

EDIT: I’ve put goo balls in the freezer, but never cereal bars. Thanks for the tip!


Not trying to tell you how to do your job or anything, but we never put the cereal bars in the freezer. We just let them cool to ambient in the rack and then cut and pack when all batches are finished. We have had customers find “old” units that fell behind showcases and they were a year old at that point and they said they tasted better than the stale units my competitors are putting out. As long as you’re using preservative, you should be good for a while.


It works like a charm. I love the freezer “tek” lol. I have had occasional sweating when i was pumping out multiple trays by myself and got ahead of myself when packaging but quickly learned lol

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Oh i just put em in freezer immediately after i made em then when i packaged the same day or day after I’d take em out then keep em in their sealed bags. Never in the freezer for more than a day. I experimented w long term freezer storage and they sucked after being in there for a while.

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all you need to do … IS A SOAK… no need to spray … JUST SOAK…your Twinkly Dingdong into your Kitkat… and call her done@ 500mg… lol